Have you ever felt your Backpack shake too much and wanted to do something about it?Well now you can charge your phone by all those shakes!

Step 1: Parts

The required parts are-
1. Magnet wire
2. Plastic tubing and caps
3. Foam
4. USB power cable to device
5. Wire
6. 5 diodes
7. Magnets
<p>I think this can also be used for movement generator. Think about wearing shoes and bracelets with these kind of generators to power up accumulator/power bank stored in your backpack so that even when you move (walk, run, etc) you're producing energy which can be used at later times. What do you think :)</p>
in your parts list you say 5 Diodes but you use 4 diodes and a capacitor in your Bridge Rectifier schematic. <br> <br>Do you have any specifics on the kind of Diodes and the kind of Capacitor.
<p>Sorry about that I meant four</p>
I find this not very clearly written, what is meant by 3-4 cm length and then 1 cm length? do you mean to say 1 cm deep? <br> <br>You should break this down into more steps with more photos and include a slightly more detailed description please.
Sorry and thank you for noticing I actually meant 1 cm deep.
Don't worry, I understood what you meant! LOL!
Any ideas about aligning the tubes? I mean do you just throw them into the pack or attach them somehow? Do you align the three tubes along different &quot;axis? <br> <br>I wonder whether using springe (from one ot both ends of the tube to hold the magnet) would improve performance, since the magnet would always be close to the coils. The question is, would the gained energy harvested from smaller shakes be worth what the springs would cost, energy-wise?
Yes if wanted you could!
are shake generator backpacks a thing now? this is pretty cool, you should power some speakers with that!

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Bio: I am 18 years old and love to hack and fix stuff.
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