This mod is a fairly easy mod to put a pair of speakers in your backpack. you will need to know how to solder, sew, and you will need some common sence

Step 1: Requirements

List of items:
a pair of computer speakers with input voltage of around 9 volts DC(check the output on the ac adapter)
Soldering station and solder
Needle and thread
NiCD or NiMH battery pack to match voltage of speakers
battery charger
molex plug with input plug or plug set of your choice
3.5 mm headphone jack input
3.5 mm cable
Altoids tin
hot glue and hot glue gun
knife or other cutting tool

bigger/better speakers to upgrade to ; )
i like this idea a lot but I have been trying to find a way to have a more advanced sound system in a bag. The places that i would be using the speakers are loud enough that just regular computer speakers wouldn't be loud enough. any ideas?
Try using speakers from old tube tvs that are labeled with the omega symbol.
I have one idea in which you would take and actual speaker from one of those radios that have two separate speakers one left one right. You would have to take the guts of the speaker out of the speaker box and from there how you put it in your back pac would depend on how big the speaker and back pac is
how much would this cost
lol "common sence"
Is it possible to OVER charge?
if your talking about batteries then definitely. There are many things that influence how long to charge batteries for but for a general rule, stop charging if the battery gets warm. P.S. don't leave batteries charging unattended
that's cool, G. Now I can be even more annoying!
Solder them to what?
I'm sorry; this step is a little unclear to me and I had a few questions. I'm using a set of computer speakers and I've opened them up. The "main" speaker has a cord coming out that connects to the computer. Do I just cut off the connector at the end and strip the wire? And um...WHAT exactly do I solder the wires to? (Noobish person over here! XD)

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