Introduction: Backpack Zipper Repair With Paracord

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Gorilla glue

So the first thing I did was cut off the old strings and measure its length. I then measured the paracord and cut it a couple inches longer than the length of the old string. After I flames the ends to close the frays. Your gonna need two of these so be sure to do this twice.

Step 1: Re-loop

Picture of Re-loop

I feel like the pictures here will explain this much better than I can so I'll let them to it.

Step 2: Put the Thingy Back On

Picture of Put the Thingy Back On

My bag had those little things on it so I saved them and put them back on at the end. The look pretty cool so I figured why waste.

Step 3: Knot and Fasten

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Last tie the end in a simple knot. However, before tightening it, put some gorilla glue in the middle of the soon to be knot. After its in then tighten the knot and allow to dry.

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished

So now you have a repaired bag! I must say the paracord is MUCH stronger than the string they used. I also really like the grey on the bag so I'm pretty happy with this small improvement project.
Thanks for reading! :)


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