Introduction: Backpacking Baking

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Step 1: Parts

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Grease pot and lid.- Walmart
Wind screen DIY
Aluminum spacers DIY - cans -
Donut pans- thrift store
Stove - flashlight
Pot cozy- sun shade

Step 2: Assembly

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Bottom Spacer

Step 3: Support Tube

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Put in center of donut dish

Step 4: Spacer/Sleeve

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Put spacer sleeve on support tube

Step 5: Donut Pan # 2

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Stack on spacer

Step 6: In Pot

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Stack in pot

Step 7: Cook

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Put it all on pot stand with 1 oz of fuel in stove, after adding baking ingredients and cook till fuel is gone, enjoy!


seamster (author)2016-02-07

This looks like a great little cooking system. Thanks for sharing the details!

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