Backpacking/Camping Lightweight Safety Lantern





Introduction: Backpacking/Camping Lightweight Safety Lantern

Make your own lantern for Scouts, Camping, Backpacking, or Whatever!

Step 1: HERE WE GO!

(warning, extremely descriptive “scientificalenginenering” language used, proceed at own risk, oh, and if you do it wrong you might hurt yourself or others…maybe even things. You better be careful.)

Gather the following:

1 one liter clear plastic drink bottle
1 16 ounce (a 20 ounce will work-just not as pretty) clear plastic drink bottle
Needle nose pliers
Some uncoated wire (thick enough to hold it’s shape)
A small sharp “pointy thing” (I used a nail the size of the wire)
Safety Glasses
Leather Work Gloves
A tea candle (you know the ones that are like 50 for a buck…)
Lighter or Matches
A Firetruck and EIGHT firemen (just in case)

Step one:

Wash out and remove labels from bottles

Step two:

Using the scissors
Cut off the top of the 1 liter bottle 3 and ½ inches from the bottom
Cut off the top of the 16 oz bottle 3 inches from the bottom
Make sure the cuts are clean, SAFETY FIRST

Step three:

Place the 16 ounce bottle into the Liter bottle, the bottom “ridge thingys” will allow them to nest together nicely.
From the outside, place a hole through the Liter bottle at 3 and 1/16 or “a little above-even-with” the inner 16 ounce bottle.
Repeat on the directly opposite side

Step four:

This will involve cutting and bending wire, you might lose an eye…now would be a good time to see if any of the firemen are also paramedics.

Cut a 9 inch length of the wire
Bend the wire into the following shape (see the black line drawing at bottom)

Technical Warning: When bending the wire to shape your will have to apply the industrial standard of “eyeballing it” to get to the exact shape. (Please note, exact is a word used by specific types of folks, that ain’t you, you’re building a candle lantern for Pete’s sake!)

Step 5:

Now, thread the wire though the holes (It will take some “doing” just be patient) so when in it will make the entire contraption look like: (see the black line drawing with red and blue at bottom)

Step 6:

Fill water between the two walls of the plastic bottles almost to the top (practice a couple of times and you’ll get it) This water keeps the plastic cool so it doesn’t melt. It will also splash out the candle should it get knocked over or dropped. (the liter bottle is represented by the blue line, the 16 oz by red)

Now drop in a tea candle, light it (careful, those firemen are there for a reason!)

Step 7:

Enjoy! Simple, Lightweight, and Easy!



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    I guess I just don't exactly see what's so special about this...?

    Interesting. Prefer Colman dual-fuel lanterns though. Hell yeah, lighting using pressurised petrol vapours!

    putting a little foil around half the small bottle, shiny side toward candle, would help direct the light a little, and foil should be in every pack anyways! i like the water sleeve idea, safetyness is next to cautionness.