Picture of Backyard Airsoft - Tips, Game Types, Etc.
I am going to try to make this straight to the point; this will be short and subtle.  This Instructable will include tips, game types, and recommendations for backyard airsoft.
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Step 1: It's fun!

Picture of It's fun!
Airsoft is the best thing ever. EVER.  Period.  There's no competition.  There's also a lot of different kinds of airsoft, which are all fun, but some will be more fun than others.  There's CQB/indoor, field, forest, desert, and backyard airsoft.  Most people will start out in backyard airsoft, like me.  Backyard airsoft is fun, but it can get boring after a while, especially if you're like me and do great with any gun that you use.  My friends and I stopped doing it after a while because we discovered the wonders of desert and forest airsoft, but we found a few unique ways to spice up backyard airsoft.  In fact, twice a month, we do some airsoft in the backyard just for fun.  So, let me give you some tips to backyard airsoft based on experience.

Step 2: My suggestions

Don't go overboard.  I know that airsoft is the coolest thing ever to be made, EVER, but with backyard airsoft you definitely shouldn't be spending too much on a gun.  I would say that a gun costing over $150 is not needed for backyard airsoft.  If you are really interested in airsoft and wish to get serious about it, go to an indoor (CQB) or outdoor playing field.  But honestly, you're gun should not cost you over $150 if you're only doing backyard airsoft.

Set limits.  Limit the FPS on a gun, or limit the amount of ammo one can carry at a time, things like that.

Don't cheat, ever!

Don't be scared!  The more ballsy you are, the better you are.  I'm one of those guys that as soon as you say go, I'm dashing straight at the other team; half the time, I don't even use cover!
DeanT22 months ago

At least this guy is really humble¡

coolkidtn2 years ago
good guide
coolkidtn2 years ago
actually, not a bad guide to backyard airsoft. my backyard is about an acor with lots of trees. we set up big wooden sheets to take cover and for bases. it's fun