Step 8: Add Vent Holes

Composting needs air to work efficiently, so I randomly drilled about a dozen 1/4" holes around the Drum. I don't know if that is enough, but time will tell.
this is a really nice project!
I really like this idea. I think I may do it straight across from side to side on the upright barrel though. My idea is to flip it end over end because I have a screw top barrel (if I mount it to a tumble frame). Then if I mount it on the fence post like you did going through the middle of the heighth of the barrel (sideways if it is standing up), it will be super easy to tumble. Or just roll mine on the ground would work as well. These rods make the barrel more efficient and look easy to install.
I have been looking to build a rock tumbler, &amp;&nbsp;after reading about this composter, I think the idea would also work for tumbling rocks.&nbsp; Thank you everyone for the ideas!!!<br /> <br /> May&nbsp; the Angels of Heaven watch over you for all time.<br /> <br /> Peace!
Hm! Love that idea, James!
Thaks for the insight. I agree, I am thinking of a metal door too, but was thinking of getting some aluminum flashing from a Big Box and using it. Should be cheaper and easier to work with. <br>I am working on my next barrell, which I will post pics of, it is a 55 gallon drum that is sawed off on the top. <br>The rotation and base are on a fence post in the middle again. <br>I'll post updates as I progress! <br> <br>
I basically built this same tumbler and I would agree that the plastic warps quite a bit around the door. I think i will try and make a new door with sheet metal. there is no amount of repositioning I can do to fix it. Also the stand doesn't work well with wood screws. My stand is all messed up. I should have used bolts like you did. I realize this is an older post, but i will post after i give my tumbler a much needed tune up this weekend.

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