This is my "backard" airsoft field I am making in my grandparents ranch. It's a pretty good size, however it's great for my use (walmart airsoft guns).  I'll be going over the field, fort, some games you can play, what to wear, how to make gear, and how to make teams.

Please leave comments if you have any questions or if you can think of any way to make my field better. I haven't started building mine, so any suggestions are welcome. Also, visit my website http://beginnerairsoft.yolasite.com/, where you can also write your own articles and reviews.

Step 1: The Field

The sketch of the field above is for the area I'm using, about 400 by 250 feet and with a small group (2-3 people per team). As you can see, there are already a few natural and man-made barriers (trees, canopy, chicken coop), but the rest are what we are going to build for it. Just check out the image where you can read what the things represent and maybe you'll get some ideas.

If you found the trash bag cover thing confusing, it is basically two 4 ft. sticks stuck in the ground about 5 ft. apart with a trash bag attached to each side. This works OK with kinda low fps guns, but if your gun shoots fast and rips through the plastic, use a tarp or blanket instead. 

"anything that looks like this is a tree" I like this.
You should put a trench line across one side and then the other side you should put bigger forts so it would be like d-day.
You should charge people to play here (I would pay). Yo could make some extra money that way to buy higher quality guns. I suggest airsoft megastore for good guns at cheap prices.
Is that Famas worth the money? I'm thinking about getting one.
It is very accurate, but takes a long time to reload. Best to buy it, then modify the chassis into a medium range scout rifle. Not a good primary gun unless you are playing with all starter guns.
I cant give you a definite yes or no because its the only airsoft gun I own currently, so I can't really compare it to others and it really depends on your "taste". What I really like about it is it has nice weight (not too heavy or light), its not cheap or flimsy plastic, it's accurate short to long distance (with .2 g. bbs), the signts are adjustable, its pretty easy to cock it, and the magazine holds 45 bbs. What I don't really like about it is the way you have to reload it takes forever, so I would recommend getting an extra magazine so you won't have to waste your time reloading. Over all, I give it a 4/5 because it a really good gun, just not perfect. I got mine for $3 with bbs at a yard sale, great condition, but $40 would probably a fair price for a gun of this quality. (BTW: this is the spring version, just saying because I know there is an electric version too.) Anyone disagree with my review?