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Introduction: "Backyard" Airsoft Field

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This is my "backard" airsoft field I am making in my grandparents ranch. It's a pretty good size, however it's great for my use (walmart airsoft guns).  I'll be going over the field, fort, some games you can play, what to wear, how to make gear, and how to make teams.

Please leave comments if you have any questions or if you can think of any way to make my field better. I haven't started building mine, so any suggestions are welcome. Also, visit my website http://beginnerairsoft.yolasite.com/, where you can also write your own articles and reviews.

Step 1: The Field

The sketch of the field above is for the area I'm using, about 400 by 250 feet and with a small group (2-3 people per team). As you can see, there are already a few natural and man-made barriers (trees, canopy, chicken coop), but the rest are what we are going to build for it. Just check out the image where you can read what the things represent and maybe you'll get some ideas.

If you found the trash bag cover thing confusing, it is basically two 4 ft. sticks stuck in the ground about 5 ft. apart with a trash bag attached to each side. This works OK with kinda low fps guns, but if your gun shoots fast and rips through the plastic, use a tarp or blanket instead. 

Step 2: The Fort

The design fort I came up with is 3 stacks of logs forming a U-shape, the entrance facing away from the center of the arena. Inside we will probably keep gear that you will need or are not using. We will also use the fort as a reloading station for thet team in case someone runs out of ammo so you are still able to play, even if you run out of bbs. We will also probably keep some water bottles (maybe even in a cooler, after all, it is the desert) for team members to re-hydrate before, during, or after the game. Leave a comment on other types of forts that can be used.  

Step 3: Games

I have searched the web for games and even come up with my own for a small group for the field. (All the games follow the basic rules (See below) of airsoft. Some rules I've changed from the original game to suit a small group. If I've tweaked the rules, it should be mentioned on the description of the game. Also, if you make up you own variants or even a new game, post under comments.

Basic Rules:
Any hit to a person or gear (besides gun) counts as a hit and means you are out. All hits are shown by shouting "HIT" and raising the gun over your head. You must then walk directly to safety zone. You may not shoot or talk after you've been shot. Friendly Fire, or when you are hit by someone in your own team, counts as a HIT.


1. Deathmatch
The objective of Deathmatch, or Free-for-all, is to be the last person standing. There are no teams or alliences in this game,  only you and your gun. The game starts with player beginning at different ends of the field or spread out. There is unlimited ammo, but you only have one life. Last person standing wins.

2. Capture The Flag
The objective of this game is to capture to the other teams flag and bring it safely to your own fort. The flag must be placed in front of the fort and must be visible from all sides. When you carry the flag, at least half of it must be showing (you can't hide it in your pockets or other places). It you are shot, you must return to your fort where you may re-enter the game. You only have 2 lives. If a player drops the flag anywhere on the arena, any team may pick it up. Winner is the first team to place the opponent's flag next to their own.

3. Center Flag
This game is similar to capture the flag, only that there is only a single flag located in the center of the field. The objective is to be the first team to bring the flag safely to your fort. Flag rules are the same, hit rules are the same, just 1 flag in the middle of the arena.

4. Find The Sniper
This game might not actually work in this size area, but I'll add it anyways. The objective of this game is to find and eliminate the sniper. A player volunteers to be sniper and is given a period of time to hide while the remaining team members, or lets call them hunters, can form alliences or be solo while they search for the sniper. Hunters may not shoot each other. Each player only gets one life. You can decide if the sniper can move from place to place, or has to stay where they are hidden and cannot move around. The first person or "team" to shoot the sniper wins, or if the sniper shoots all the hunters, he wins.

5. Tag
This is a classic game with an airsoft twist. All player have a gun but only it can use theirs. The others may keep their gun in their holster, pocket, pack, or carry it on saftey. Someone volunteers to be IT and counts to 50 in a fort while the other players hide. When IT is done counting, he can go and look for someone to "tag" by shooting them. If a person is hit, they must yell "IT" and pull out their gun and take roll of it. The old IT must put away their gun and is now trying to get away from the new IT. You can play with no tag backs or not.  

6. Duck Hunt
I found this game on youtube and was played (maybe made up) by DXTairsoft (check them out). There is one Hunter who must shoot from inside the fort. The rest of the players are Ducks and start off at the opposite end (or middle, depending how big the field is) of the field. The goal of the Ducks is to safely reach a special barrier, where they can safely "fly away" from the hunter and not be shot. The goal of the Hunter is to try to shoot as many of the ducks as he can before they reach the special barrier. If a duck is shot, he must yell "HIT", or if a duck reaches the special barrier, he yells "SAFE", and walks to the safety zone behind the hunter. If the hunter shoots 75% (Ex. 3 out of 4) of the ducks, he wins. If he doesn't, ducks win.

7. Bomb The Fort
This game I think I made up (if I didn't, please comment), and involves smoke grenades. The objective in the game is to "bomb" your opponents fort using smoke grenades as bombs. Before the game, you should make a perimeter around the fort so if the bomb lands within that circle, the fort is considered bombed. Each team starts off with 1 bomb and 2 lives. For safety precautions, you must yell BOMB before thowing a grenade so people that are in the way have time to react. The first time you are shot, you must go to you teams respawn point (probably the fort) before you may resume to the game. The second time you are hit, you go to the safety zone. If you are hit with possession of a bomb, you must drop it immediately, then either go to the fort or safety zone. A dropped bomb can be picked up by any team. If you throw a bomb and it does not enter or stay in the circle, you may not reuse it. You'll have to try to pick up the opponents bomb when the player is shot and the bomb is dropped. The team that successfully bombs the opponents fort wins. If both bombs fail to land in the perimeter of the fort, both teams tie.

Step 4: Guns

Since we are using walmart guns, they are all spring. I have to provide all the gear, so that's the best I can do. So far all I have for sure that will be used is the Crosman Pulse M74DP, a Cybergun Desert Eagle .44 magnum, a Compact .45,  and I also might get the Crosman Stinger P311. Check out reviews on the guns I own as well as other beginner guns at http://beginnerairsoft.yolasite.com/reviews.php and send your own review.

Step 5: Ammo

I'm gonna need a big container of bbs (cheap), so Im probably gonna get Crosman camo .12g bbs (review would be nice) or Second Chance .12g bbs, and I already have Crosman .2g bbs.

Step 6: Clothing

Every player has to be wearing at least safety goggles/glasses. Also, we  wear long sleeved shirts or hoodies, long pants, and gloves (fingerless work best). I wear (1st pic) desert camo jacket, pants, and boonie hat, belt (with holster if using a pistol), black fingerless gloves, black kneepads, safety glasses (clear lenses, tinted reflect too much), and old sneakers. However most (if not all) the other players wear (2nd & 3rd pic) casual clothing, which works good too since there's really need for camouflage or lots of gear in that small of an area.

Step 7: Gear

You can make a face mask from a plastic hockey mask, but you still need to use the goggles under or over the mask because the eye holes are not covered. You can also make each person a small bb holder (search "Airsoft BB holder with a party popper" or "Airsoft BB Holder") or you can just use a pouch to hold quite a lot of bbs. Also, airsoft grenades are cool to have in tight situatuions, in made up games, or to look cool. Click here to watch the first part to make a reusable smoke grenade, or check out my other instructable on how to make a super simple airsoft grenade.

Step 8: Teams

I also need to divide players into teams. I tried to make the teams as even as possible by skill.

I kinda have an idea on how to sort the people into teams ( see pictures for ideas). The skill is out of 3, 1 being low experience, 3 being high experience. Each team's total skill scores should be as even as possibe. 

Another method for choosing teams (with a slightly larger group) involves a target at 20 feet and 1 gun. Every person gets 1 shot and they have to try to get as close to the bulls-eye as they can. After someone shoots, go up to the target and circle their shot and write the shooters name by it (this eliminates any confusion or arguments). After everyone has gone, the two people with the shots closest to the bulls-eye are captains, and the rest stand in a line waiting to be called on. The person that shot closer to the center picks first.

Step 9: Thats It

Thats all the ideas I have right now. If I think of any more, I'll add them as soon as I can. Again, this instructable was meant to give you ideas if you want to make an airsoft field, specifically in a desert environment, but also so you can comment any cool ideas I could add to this. Shoot safe and have fun!



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    "anything that looks like this is a tree" I like this.

    You should put a trench line across one side and then the other side you should put bigger forts so it would be like d-day.

    You should charge people to play here (I would pay). Yo could make some extra money that way to buy higher quality guns. I suggest airsoft megastore for good guns at cheap prices.

    It is very accurate, but takes a long time to reload. Best to buy it, then modify the chassis into a medium range scout rifle. Not a good primary gun unless you are playing with all starter guns.

    I cant give you a definite yes or no because its the only airsoft gun I own currently, so I can't really compare it to others and it really depends on your "taste". What I really like about it is it has nice weight (not too heavy or light), its not cheap or flimsy plastic, it's accurate short to long distance (with .2 g. bbs), the signts are adjustable, its pretty easy to cock it, and the magazine holds 45 bbs. What I don't really like about it is the way you have to reload it takes forever, so I would recommend getting an extra magazine so you won't have to waste your time reloading. Over all, I give it a 4/5 because it a really good gun, just not perfect. I got mine for $3 with bbs at a yard sale, great condition, but $40 would probably a fair price for a gun of this quality. (BTW: this is the spring version, just saying because I know there is an electric version too.) Anyone disagree with my review?