Backyard Fishing Line Zipline


Introduction: Backyard Fishing Line Zipline

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I had a ton of fishing line hanging around, and I had previously tried making shorter ziplines out of it, so I thought "why not make one across the whole yard?"

And I did.

Note: Some pictures are slightly blurry. It's because, as you may have guessed, the objects in the pictures are moving.



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    It looks really cool, but you wouldn't be able to hang off it, it would break. It is possible to make something strong enough though, so try again. But still good for a first try.

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    That was never the point. I'd have to invest way more time, energy and materials to do that, and all I wanted was something I could screw around with in spare time. But that would be pretty cool...

    Make a mini one then, and put those green platic soldiers on it!

    I don't have any of those...I wish I did, though, because that would be pretty cool. I do have lego people, though...

    You can use paracord for a zipline (general paracord holds about 400lbs). That's what i'm going to do, anyway. Plus it's fairly cheap. I'm going to go get some from REI today, and they sell some brands of it that cost only $5 for 50ft of the stuff. Pretty cool.

    i dont think that was his point i think his point is to carry small item on the line