This is my attempt at a small backyard garden started early May 2014. I have green beans corn & some tomatoes that I started from seeds.

Step 1: Accents

I added two Shepard hooks to use hanging baskets for strawberries. I also made a small in garden compost bin out of scrap wood. All the materials use other than the baskets & Shepard hook were salvaged material.
I have sectioned off my garden so I am able to freely move around to water & weed. I am also attempting hanging tomatoes so I will keep my fingers crossed.
Also attempting growing potatoes in a stackable box.

Step 2: My Pallet Projects

As you can see I have been busy

Step 3: June Update 2014

Everything is healthy & thriving. Well other than the squirrels tearing though the corn no biggie still looks good to me
Sweet set up. I used basic compost mixed with loam soil & coffee grounds
<p>I have a little vegetable garden myself. This year I bought a bag of fertilizer at Tractor Supply Company and it seems to be doing something to me. I used to use Miracle Grow Garden Soil. Meh, I like TSC's stuff better. Let me add a picture of what my garden look like today. Left to right there is a bed of lettuce, and scallions, a bed of bush beans, two beds of tomatoes, peppers, and basil. Then on the ground are cucumbers, eggplant, and some more tomato plants.</p><p>The weather the beginning of this year was terrible, so I got a late start, and could not do some things I planned on doing. The left most bed is supposed to be strawberries, but I could not get it dug in time to plant it. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with how everything is growing.</p><p>On the bag of fertilizer there are instructions of how much to put down, so I used that to calculate what I needed to use. It said 2 pounds per 100 square feet so that worked out to 6.72 ounces for each of my raised beds? Something like that. In any event what I am trying to say is I tried to be quite precise in the administration of the fertilizer, and I think it is paying off for me now.</p>
Thank you
You garden looks great!

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