This instructable shows you how you can build a low cost personal astronomical observatory in your back yard.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 Rubbermaid 7 foot x 7 foot shed such as: http://www.rubbermaid.com/Category/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?Prod_ID=RP091372
Square stock steel, 100 feet 1.5 inch square, 3/16 inch thick.
2 feet of 1.5 inch wide 3/16 inch thick flat bar.
30 feet of straight Garage Door track.
8 garage door rollers.
miscellaneous bolts and nuts.

Metal cutting band saw (not necessary but very useful!)
Drill and bits sized to your bolts.
Very cool idea! Do you have any shots with the telescope mounted inside? I'd be interested to see the full setup!
Here is a quick pic of the C14 looking at Mr. Moon.

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Bio: I'm an aerospace engineer by trade but am interested in astronomy, robotics, CNC machines, Arduinos, you name it.
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