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In early 2016, I plan to decorate the backyard of my house. I have a backyard with a size of 7.5 m x 3.5 m. I had an idea to make a fish pond in the backyard.

For the record, I do not have the expertise to build a pond at all. I'm just looking for references on the internet and apply directly. I build this pond without professional pond builder. The pond will be 210 cm x 180 cm . Take a look at the picture for the details.

Step 1: Material

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As it should, at the beginning of my development to prepare the necessary materials and tools. You can see the list of materials and tools needed below :

  • Pond materials :
  1. Brick
  2. Cement
  3. Sand
  4. Thin Stone
  5. Wood Planks
  6. Submersible Pump
  7. Pipa PVC
  8. L Socket
  9. Dop PVC
  10. PVC Glue
  11. Stone Pot
  12. Decorative Plants
  13. Grass
  14. Hose
  • Tools :
  1. Hoe
  2. Shovel
  3. Crowbar
  4. Troel
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. Hammer
  7. Saw

Step 2: Excavate the Soil

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The next step I did is dig the soil as deep as 30 cm. Because of this pond will be used for the turtle, so I do not dig too deep.

Step 3: Assemble the Brick

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Next step is assemble the brick for the pond wall

Step 4: Covering the Brick

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Cover the brick with mortar. indgredients of the mortar is cement and iron sand. The ratio is 1:5

After the mortar dry. Apply the waterproofing grout for the inside of the pond.

I also installing natural stone for the outer pond wall.

Install water pump and plumbing.

Step 5: Enjoy the Pond

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After all fill in the water and fish :)


wold630 (author)2016-03-22

Looks like you did a great job!

elbadrunos (author)wold6302016-03-29

thank you have a nice one :)

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