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This has loads of good words in the title so it must be good. Also Guinness sauce... 

It has six great words! Bacon and double count twice, obviously. 

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Some may object to the idea of a sweet bagel as a bun, but try a muffin (english) burger and it works awesomely, though cinnamon and raisin was a long shot. That really paid off, an extra dimension to something that comfortably encompasses all three meals of the day. 

These were awesome, below's a list style diagram of their construction but basically is was extremely messy and oh so good to eat, two of them made a half decent meal too. 

 - Bagel (top)
 - HP Guinness sauce
 - Burger
 - Bacon
 - Cheese
 - Burger
 - Tomato
 - Mayo
 - Bagel


caitlinsdad (author)2013-03-21

My cholesterol bombs also have a fried egg and some greenery like lettuce or pickles/relish. Worse part is the guts of the sandwich messily sliding out under pressure of trying to pack in your mouth. Of course, washed down with a diet soda.

Don't think the egg was viable, that was a tasty tasty disaster as is... I did get the works in a gourmet burger place without reading the menu really, half way inside the burger I found the egg, which was nice... However it was more stable than this...

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