Bacon Burrito





Introduction: Bacon Burrito

It's easy and full of yummy cholesterol

Step 1: Bacon Wrappers

layout some strip of bacon on your clean surface.

Step 2: Add Healthy Sausage

slap some sausage on your bacon

Step 3: Roll With It

roll the bacon goodness making sure to tuck the sides in.

Step 4: Let It Crisp

I cooked mine at 380f for about an hour.
garnish with avocado to make yourself fell less guilty!



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this would be good for my bacon diet

I can feel my arteries hardening as I read this. Good job.

My only question is where's the butter?

"Butter up that bacon.

Bacon up that sausage."

--- Homer Simpson

give it a upgrade. and add baked bacon to the sausage/meat

like a bacon overdosis

What kind of sausage do you think is best? Pork? Chicken?

Well if wrapping in bacon I prefer pork. The French have an amazing dish called a Galantine, you remove the skin from a chicken without puncturing,....turn meat into a sausage then wrap in its own skin. Escoffier is my gastronomic hero.

Also known as a bacon explosion; thank you for enlightening others to good and totally healthy!

Also forgot to mention weaving the bacon makes it easy to hold it all together during cooking and looks pretty nice too

Good point Bob, didn't think to do that! Bacon art is an art in yummy.