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Introduction: Bacon Earrings Molded From Real Bacon

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Believe it or not, Bacon is trending these days! You can find it in chocolate bars, ice cream, and even bacon tattoos are popular! This inspired the bacon earrings project that we thought was pure, original, genius. (Then we looked online and found hundreds of photographs of bacon and egg earrings.) However I think we were the only ones who made a mold of actual bacon to create our dangling treats.

Step 1: Bacon Earrings

Below is a supply list for this project:

  1. Bacon!
  2. ComposiMold-LT
  3. ComposiMold Bubble Buster
  4. Clear Casting Plastic, or ProtoCast85R (as your casting material)
  5. Mold Release
  6. Mold Box
  7. Hot Glue Gun and Glue (to secure the bacon to the (bottom of your mold box)
  8. Dremmel Tool/Power Drill and 1/16" bit
  9. Jewelry Wire
  10. 2 Black Beads
  11. 2 Earring Findings
  12. Acrylic Paint and
  13. Small Brushes

Step 2: Prepare for Molding

  1. First of all cook the bacon and put a few pieces aside for the project. (Do your best.)
  2. If you are using other food items to make a mold you may need to seal them with a silicone spray to avoid air bubbles from escaping.
  3. Secure the cooked and cooled bacon to the bottom of your mold box.
  4. Spray the bacon with mold release and Bubble Buster as usual.

Step 3: Create Your Bacon Mold!

  1. Pour the melted ComposiMold into the mold boxes and let it rise up and over the bacon.
  2. Let the mold solidify. (3 hours at room temp) or 30 min in the freezer.
  3. Remove the bacon from the molds. It’s ok if the bacon falls apart as you de-mold it.

Step 4: Duplicate! Create Your Bacon Earing

  1. Spray the mold cavities with mold release and prepare the urethane or epoxy resin.
  2. Pour the urethane resin into the molds and let it cure.
  3. De-mold thermoplastic bacon casts.


You can finish the casts with a dremell tool to sand away unnessary urethane from the back of the casts. This reduces the weight of the final earring and makes the cast look thinner and more realistic. Then you can also drill a hole in the top portion of the cast to loop the jewelry wire through.

the casts to look like bacon and loop the jewelry wire through the hole. Then thread the black bead and wrap the wire around the earring finding to complete the project.



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    wow in the picture i honestly thought that was real bacon

    Thank you for the comment and compliment!

    Out of curiosity, do you have any mold making or Bacon projects you are currently working on?

    no I do not at this moment

    Been making "real-bacon" earrings for some time now.... (have not been active for a few months however) Started back a few years ago in Jerome, AZ..... always great to see new bacon projects :) Good work.

    Thank you for the comment!

    Out of curiosity, have you ever used ComposiMold to create your earrings?

    Great question! You could definitely make real bacon earrings. Unfortunately they would slowly degrade unless you coated them with unhealthy preservatives.

    Do you have any bacon or mold making projects you are working on?

    No Problem! Do you eat a lot of bacon?