Introduction: Bacon Egg Burger

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got an idee to make a burger-egg-bacon style...

Step 1: Prepare

Picture of Prepare

do your burger as usally. make a hole in the centerg ex. with a small glass

Step 2: Roast

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when your begin to roast the burger put an egg in the hole. turn it around as usally.

Step 3: Make Burger

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fill in your favorite toppings of course bacon the green salad is only for the color design ?

Step 4: And Eat

Picture of And Eat

sorry my egg had to much time roasting. Hope to give it enough to See the yellow egg yolks flow out of the burger

Step 5:


EmadA9 (author)2016-01-06

mmmmmmm i like ur idea its good and easy

kevanchristian (author)2016-01-05

That looks good but I think I would like a sesame seed bun instead.

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