Step 5: Press/form

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I had a cookie press so I decided to use that for these cookies - but as long as each cookie is about the size of a tablespoon they should be the right size. They flatten out while baking.
Wilmette2 years ago
This is a good reason to buy bacon, especially at recent prices.
Two comments aboyut cookie makingWe had not done much or had much success until two events: My daughter got a mixer as described here. And we got parchment paper. Alton Brown says that there is no comparison between this type of mixer and egg beaters. Egg beaters do not do the job; these do. These incorporate air,, fat and flour together infinitely better than hand or egg beaters. One of the reasons that , in the pre-electric past, good cakes and cookies were so special was that it took lots of time and skill to do the creaming step. Cooks and bakers had big arms for a reason. The other comment is that it makes clean up easier to use parchment paper.. Our daughter is more inclined to make cookies with these things now and we are more inclined to say OK.
audreyobscura (author)  Wilmette2 years ago
there is never a bad reason to buy bacon :)