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Introduction: Bacon Infused Vodka

If you have a deep love or general obsession with bacon, or if you're one of the vegetarians turned carnivore again because you couldn't refuse the tasty deliciousness of bacon anymore, then this Instructable is for you.

This how-to will give you a simple way to infuse vodka with the savory flavor of freshly cooked bacon. Oh yeah, and you can have this scrumptious flavor in less than an hour! There are other ways to get bacon infused vodka, but this one is quick and gets you the same taste without having to wait a week or two.

What you'll need to for this project to bring your taste buds and Bloody Marys to a whole new level:

- 1 package of bacon of your choice (I recommend thick cut because it equals more bacon grease)
- Skillet
- Cutting board
- Sharp knife
- Stove top or hot plate
- Glass pitcher, NOT PLASTIC, or sizeable equivalent (pitcher will really help when it comes time to pour)
- Freezer
- Some sort of filter - like a mesh strainer or a grease guard that you put on top of bacon while it's cooking. I suppose you could also use a coffee filter too.
- Glass container of sufficient size to hold your final product

Step 1: Cut Bacon

Open up your package of bacon, and begin to slice it into smallish pieces, about 1/2" x 1/2"

Step 2: Cook Up Bacon

Cook up the bacon in a skillet

Step 3: Pour Bacon and Grease Into Pitcher

Pour the bacon grease and bits into a glass pitcher or sizable equivalent

Step 4: Mix in the Vodka

Mix in the vodka!!!!

Step 5: Put Vodka Into Freezer

Put the vodka into the freezer for at least 30 minutes

Step 6: Remove Bacon Fat

Take the vodka out of the freezer, and remove what I like to call the moon pie of bacon fat that has congealed at the top of the pitcher.

Step 7: Filter Out the Bacon Bits

Filter the bacon bits and other floaty pieces out of the vodka by pouring it through a strainer of some sort. I started with a mesh strainer to remove all the bigger pieces, then I started pouring it through a finer filter to get out the small stuff. I used the grease guard that I normally put over skillets when I'm cooking things that shoot off hot grease.

I recommend repeating this step several times to remove as many particulates as you possibly can.

Step 8: Pour Vodka Into Container

Pour your vodka into a fancy glass container, and then enjoy!



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    that there bacon fat sure would cook up some nice stir fry, flambé style.

    If you run the bacon grease through a coffee filter while it is still hot it will filter out all the small stuff and leave you with clean grease. Just put a coffee filter loosely in a mason jar and screw the ring on the jar (without cap). Pour it in carefully. Then mix with vodka.. This might work.

    is this any good? does is make the vodka taste like bacon or what?

    No, not good at all. Mine was greasy no matter how much I filtered and skimmed off the fat. The saltyness was unbearable. I hate to say I wasted two of the best inventions on earth - bacon and a bottle of vodka!

    in other recipes they just used the bacon and did not include the bacon fat - so maybe try it that way. I am getting ready to do my first "bacon" infusion but I am adding apple.

    It makes it taste like bacon, yes. Is it good? Well that's a personal taste preference. :)

    How long does it stay good for?

    Do you pour the whole bottle of vodka in with the bacon? Or a certain amount?

    Several people have done this, but this is the best posting I've seen. Does it settle out to clear with time? And have you considered mixing it with Advocaat? L

    @lemonie The color does not settle out with time, it remains a nice golden brown color.