Bacon Infused Vodka

Picture of Bacon Infused Vodka
If you have a deep love or general obsession with bacon, or if you're one of the vegetarians turned carnivore again because you couldn't refuse the tasty deliciousness of bacon anymore, then this Instructable is for you.

This how-to will give you a simple way to infuse vodka with the savory flavor of freshly cooked bacon. Oh yeah, and you can have this scrumptious flavor in less than an hour! There are other ways to get bacon infused vodka, but this one is quick and gets you the same taste without having to wait a week or two.

What you'll need to for this project to bring your taste buds and Bloody Marys to a whole new level:

- 1 package of bacon of your choice (I recommend thick cut because it equals more bacon grease)
- Skillet
- Cutting board
- Sharp knife
- Stove top or hot plate
- Glass pitcher, NOT PLASTIC, or sizeable equivalent (pitcher will really help when it comes time to pour)
- Freezer
- Some sort of filter - like a mesh strainer or a grease guard that you put on top of bacon while it's cooking. I suppose you could also use a coffee filter too.
- Glass container of sufficient size to hold your final product
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Step 1: Cut Bacon

Picture of Cut Bacon
Open up your package of bacon, and begin to slice it into smallish pieces, about 1/2" x 1/2"

Step 2: Cook Up Bacon

Picture of Cook Up Bacon
Cook up the bacon in a skillet

Step 3: Pour Bacon and Grease Into Pitcher

Picture of Pour Bacon and Grease Into Pitcher
Pour the bacon grease and bits into a glass pitcher or sizable equivalent

Step 4: Mix In the Vodka

Picture of Mix In the Vodka
Mix Bacon With Vodka.JPG
Mix in the vodka!!!!

Step 5: Put Vodka Into Freezer

Picture of Put Vodka Into Freezer
Put the vodka into the freezer for at least 30 minutes

Step 6: Remove Bacon Fat

Picture of Remove Bacon Fat
Fat Frozen At Top.JPG
Take the vodka out of the freezer, and remove what I like to call the moon pie of bacon fat that has congealed at the top of the pitcher.
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danny.omoore2 months ago

that there bacon fat sure would cook up some nice stir fry, flambé style.

mlucius11 months ago
If you run the bacon grease through a coffee filter while it is still hot it will filter out all the small stuff and leave you with clean grease. Just put a coffee filter loosely in a mason jar and screw the ring on the jar (without cap). Pour it in carefully. Then mix with vodka.. This might work.
deadmeat0105 years ago
is this any good? does is make the vodka taste like bacon or what?
No, not good at all. Mine was greasy no matter how much I filtered and skimmed off the fat. The saltyness was unbearable. I hate to say I wasted two of the best inventions on earth - bacon and a bottle of vodka!
in other recipes they just used the bacon and did not include the bacon fat - so maybe try it that way. I am getting ready to do my first "bacon" infusion but I am adding apple.
It makes it taste like bacon, yes. Is it good? Well that's a personal taste preference. :)
applebite803 years ago
How long does it stay good for?
Kaizer703 years ago
Do you pour the whole bottle of vodka in with the bacon? Or a certain amount?
lemonie6 years ago
Several people have done this, but this is the best posting I've seen. Does it settle out to clear with time? And have you considered mixing it with Advocaat? L
Pseudoreid (author)  lemonie6 years ago
@lemonie The color does not settle out with time, it remains a nice golden brown color.
I meant the cloudiness. This is something I am going to have to try... L
. ve2vfd's coffee filter idea should remove a lot of the cloudiness. First thing I'd try.
 There are several "fining" products that one may add to their final stage. Irish Moss, Whirlfloc, or Polyclar are several that I've used on beer and mead making; most work pretty well with Polyclar being my favorite. Basically, fining binds all the bits that are too small to be filtered, which then drops to the particles to the bottom. The time taken to settle all the "cloudyness" out will be dependent on how much unwanted haze there is to begin with (from a week with some beer to a month or more with some meads). After fining is complete,  pour slowly into another container for your final product; rinse the settle container.

Of course, I've not tried this bacon thing yet, so I'm going to give it a go and report back.
What about pouring through a charcoal based filter for water purification. Thinking back to the time on mythbusters where they filtered vodka 4-6 times to make rot-gut vodka taste better to a accredited vodka judge. Might help reduce the cloudiness. Otherwise cool idea!!!
Actually, on Mythbusters, they had mixed results... their vodka tasting expert (using 6 different filtered samples, each being filtered a different number of times, and using a top-shelf vodka, and a well vodka as controls) could tell the difference, and ranked them EXACTLY where they belonged.

The other tasters couldn't tell a consistent difference.

Their expert's decision was this: Filtering a cheap vodka might slightly lessen it's bad qualities, but it will not improve the vodka. It's still going to be a cheap vodak, and it STILL won't taste as "good" as a better quality vodka. The expert's advice is to just buy a better quality vodka to begin with.
for sure, I was thinking it might increase the translucency of the bacon vodka, being a little murky and all. I wonder if you removed to much of the fine solid particles, would also lose most of the flavour?
I seem to remember them saying that it didn't really make any difference in the taste in that episode.

Makes sense for the cloudiness though.
Batness lemonie4 years ago
Using just bacon FAT helps it stay slightly "clearer."
richyrich3 years ago
You've got to win the bacon prize now!
Phixius3 years ago
Can you eat the bacon after you filter it out?
Pseudoreid (author)  Phixius3 years ago
I tried it and it was disgusting! so yes, you can eat, will you enjoy it - probably not!
Phooey. Well, any idea how long the vodka will keep before the gunk in it goes bad? Or will it? I guess the alcohol might preserve it indefinitely.
mrmerino3 years ago
and a parade shall be thrown in your honor!
burdockwing3 years ago
my god...mans greatest invension since...everything...
lasleyjam3 years ago
Ammm, I think I'm gonna sit outta this one.Can't imagine what it would taste like...
Wolf Seril3 years ago
I am SO trying this. Muhahahahahaha...
piperjon3 years ago
While I would think that drinking it by itself would be a thing for the gutsy, I can only imagine what kind of wonders, what kind of utter beauty, it would bring to a Bloody Mary, as said in the 'ible. Just think, a BACON Bloody Mary... +closing eyes while I listen to the angels sing+

Mmmm....bacon..... - Pj
svenliden4 years ago
I'd add step 4a) Let it sit for 2-3 hours at room temperature.

Or you can buy it commercially: (recipes there for other drinks besides a bloody mary)
That type of comment could be added to many posts here, but that is not the point of instructables, a DIY community. This sort of commercial advertising has no place here.
Agreed, especially since Sven Liden appears to be the owner of that website.
Reviews have suggested that while you might use Bakon Vodka as a backing element of a Bloody Mary or similar recipe (awesome recipes on their site), the bacon flavor is just FLAVOR, and that "Bakon Vodka" is an artificial bacon product, and doesn't taste... well, pleasant.

Kudos to the creator of this Instructable for their efforts and the suggestions to attempt coffee filters to keep the afterproduct clean and presentable. Might I suggest using "liquid bacon smoke" to infuse even less "fatty" of a flavoring process? ("Good Eats" with Alton Brown, Episode EA0901 "Urban Preservation II", scene 13, which refers to wood smoke flavoring for beef jerky, but could be modded to incorporate bacon smoke.)

I watch this thread with great interest!
Batness4 years ago
I personally haven't tried drinking any bacon-flavored (or enhanced, depending on who you are) drinks, but I have friends who swear it's delicious. And they're only slightly crazed, so I tend to believe them.
StuNutt5 years ago
Very good - But a lot easier (and less messy, greasy) if you use BACONSALT! It's a 'condiment spice blend' that Justin and Dave came up with (after a beer - or probably five!) to make 'everything taste like bacon'. Low-salt, fat-free, it's even vegetarian and kosher certified (if you're even still reading this at this stage!). in USA and in UK and Europe. Done it, tried it, got the teeshirt . . . . "Hic!"
walke5 years ago
PORK SODA! I bet it is better than ham schnapps. Trust me on this.
l8nite5 years ago
OMG!!! where have you been all my life?? Bacon is only rivaled by an unmentionable as the greatest thing to eat ever created! Dont discard that disk of heavenly goodness either! it can be used to cook grilled cheese or taters, tomatos and onions, potatos or canned cornniblets.. This is definately top of my list for a try!
PattieM6 years ago
This tastes awesome in a caesar!!! I got the recipe from bartender one.....amazing!!!!
DCA6 years ago
Why not carry it all the way? Add some lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Run it through a blender, proceed to step seven and you have BLT Vodka. I figure you can drink about 2 quarts a day and not have to eat for a month before they toss you in re-hab. Very nice Instructable !!
Good god, mate. this can only be a product of a nasty, nasty idle mind.
PKM6 years ago
I...but...the... >_< Is this seriously a drinkable result? Plenty of people have great ideas involving flavouring X with bacon, but many of them seem to result in failures. If this is actually drinkable? Mmm, bacon-and-egg-nog :D
nachosyumm6 years ago
Nicely made instructable... doesn't sound too appetizing though =P
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