Step 3: Prep Bacon/dairy Mix

Pour the quart of half-and-half into the blender.
Weigh out about 120g of bacon, and add to blender.
Blend on high for 3-5 minutes, until bacon is thoroughly incorporated, then let it sit for another 15 minutes.
Blend on high again for 1 minute, then pour through your sieve into a bowl or pitcher to save until ready to use.

This bacon-infused half-and-half is your base for all of the steps to come.
<p>Wow. There should be an alcoholized version of this... like bacon jello shots.</p>
<p>That is a brilliant and frightening idea!</p>
Capital g GROSS!!!!!!!!
Cholesterol &hellip;&nbsp;Here I come !!!!&hellip; <br>I'm afraid it looks like to morrow's food : when the country and farms is overtaken by megacities and population growth counts to zillions !&hellip;
This looks amazing! I noticed these a few days ago and finally have a break to make a comment! So clever and amusing! <br>
Thanks sunshiine!
What kind of unholy thing have you unleased on the world!?
Unclear, but it should taste baconlicious. :)
My mind is blown! Great job.
Thank you!
On the one hand, I will confess there is a moment of pulled back mental blinking (I think my brain keeps inserting &quot;Texturally, this must be like a mouthful of raw bacon&quot; and as I'm the youngest in the family... let's just say I got some pretty miserable &quot;Let's see what we can make her eat&quot; experiences as a kid) I have to confess it is lovely on the art level, as well as incredibly creative. For those reasons alone I think I'm going to have to give this a try at least. But, um. I DO think I'll let my bacon loving spouse play taste tester first! But really excellent sideways thinking to figuring out how to make it look/smell/seem so much like the real thing!
And the mouthfeel is actually that of Jello jigglers, so not that bad. :)
Try a BLT or bacon & eggs! If you go with this recipe, definitely add more maple syrup to the base mixture.
Now you need to make some gelatin lettuce leaves and tomato slices for a dessert salad.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Businessmans-Lunch-To-go-BLT/">Gelatin tomatoes</a>, we've got that too!
I like this idea!
I must try this! seems awesome.
Excellent! Let me know how it goes.
What does this taste like? Is it good?
It tastes interesting, certainly not bad! I think using more maple syrup in the base mix would make it actually good.
My cholesterol level is going up just looking at this recipe but what the heck! It looks good! I also voted for you! :-P
I thought I'd point out just for the heck of it that cholesterol in the human body does not come from eating bacon or any other meat. That is a common misconception in the USA recited incorrectly even by US medical doctors and many websites. So feel free to eat the real thing if that is what is preventing you :) (it comes from carbohydrates and refined sugars that your body converts into cholesterol)
Thanks! And while I'm in complete agreement with RogueOne, this recipe also has enough refined carbs to be a true cholesterol concern.
You had me at &quot;bacon&quot;. <br>Five Stars!
Thank you! Bacon is one of my favorites too.
Bacon Jello: Priceless!!!<br> <br> Almost nothing gives me more joy than proving<strong> &quot;It<u> can</u> be done!&quot;</strong> to those of little faith. ;-D
Yes, exactly! I like to think of it as proof-of-concept art.
sounds good!!! <br>:)
It was surprisingly edible!
That looks disgusting - yet very creative and great for this contest! Good luck with the contest!
Yay, exactly the goal! <br />And thanks, but I can't win contests. :)
This is both the most interesting and funny instructable I've seen in a while, well done! I'm trying to wrap my head around how this would taste, oh grand idea I totally voted for you!
It tastes a bit strange, as you may imagine. Have you ever dipped bacon into the whipped cream on pancakes/waffles? Not exactly like that, but similar. Somewhere between OK/interesting/good, depending on exactly how you adjust the seasonings. <br /> <br />And thanks! Though I can't win contests here. :)
Next Canida's instructable: DIY liver remedy... <br> <br>Good instructable, anyway.
Thank you! <br />Actual next Instructable was DIY Bacon pixie sticks candy, so maybe the health remedies are even more important. :)
HAHAHA. AWESOME! Thanks for the good laugh!
Thanks. :) And you're welcome!
and I'm giving you 5 stars!!!

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