Step 5: Prep first layer

Picture of Prep first layer
Measure out 2 2/3 cup of bacon infusion into a mixing bowl.
Sprinkle 3 1/3 packets (.83 oz, or 23.5g) gelatin over the surface, and lit it sit and absorb liquid ("bloom") for a few minutes.
Add 2 2/3 cup of nearly-boiling water, and whisk until the gelatin is thoroughly dissolved.

Cool to room temperature, then pour into your prepared pan, taking care not to slop over the edges of your plastic wrap.
Move carefully to the refrigerator, and allow to set up for several hours, preferably overnight.

Note 1: if doing this again, I'd add maple syrup to this layer as well (probably about 3 Tablespoons) to give it a bit sweeter jello flavor.
Note 2: remember, I've divided my numbers by 3 to give you the one-pan quantities.  That's why there's a bunch of 1/3 package and 2/3 cup measurements floating about.