Step 6: Flip

Picture of Flip
Once your base layer has set fully, de-tape the edges of your plastic wrap and aluminum foil and gently lift it out of the pan, being sure to support the gelatin carefully.  Set it on the counter, and inspect your handiwork.  In the 4th picture below, you can see what happens if you get jello under the containment layer - it looks pretty nasty.  And worse, you've lost precious bacon jello!  To avoid this, pour slowly and move your pans carefully when jello is still liquid.  (I sloshed one of three when doing the transfer to the fridge.)

Now remove your rocks, and wash out the pan thoroughly.  Dry the pan, then re-line it with waxed paper.

Set the pan upside-down over the jello on your counter, then flip both pieces together, taking care to support it thoroughly the entire time to avoid any cracks.  If you've done it right, the jello will pop neatly into the pan.

Finally, pull off the plastic wrap and aluminum foil, and examine your bacony ridges.  Success!  All of that brownish stuff you see is actual bacon residue; had I chosen to filter more aggressively, it might all be pure bacon-fat-colored creaminess, but I liked the idea of some bacon bits.  Your mileage may vary.