These only require two ingredients - bacon and potatoes.  The simplicity is what makes them magical.  They're a great snack and would be the perfect unexpected addition to a barbecue or simple sandwich dinner.  They're crispy and surprisingly light, with a nice smoky bacon flavor.  It's also a super way to use up what's left when you're done devouring your freshly cooked bacon!

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Sea Salt - Optional

Knife/Cutting Board
Frying Pan
Paper Towels
Tongs/Other Standard Kitchen Supplies
<p>That sounds amazing!</p>
<p>This is pretty cool! When I get enough bacon grease I use it to deep fry the potato slices. Also, to add some more flavor, I infuse the grease with onion slices and garlic. It makes the chips even better!</p>
I will be making these every morning from now on. <br /> <br />GM
Your future sounds delicious.

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