Picture of Bacon Maple Candy Bars
Sometimes you feel like a pig.  Sometimes you don't.

Maple almond candy bars are great, but they don't have the magic of bacon.  These bars do.  They're a bit rich, so you might not want to eat a whole candy bar in one sitting.

Required ingredients:

White sugar
Maple syrup
Corn syrup (depending on whether you want your nougat crumbly or chewy)
Egg whites
Creamy almond butter

Step 1: Cook the Bacon

1 lb bacon

Place the bacon in a pan over medium low heat.  Cook gently until bacon is crispy.  Reserve the bacon drippings.  Let bacon cool as you make the nougat.

I bought fresh, never frozen bacon from a local butcher.  It didn't have as much salt as other bacon I've had, so I made sure to add a tiny bit of salt to the caramel.
SageMinto2 years ago
Must have in belly now~ lol :)
nythe3 years ago
I made these the other day! They came out perfectly and are so delicious, thank you. :]
ngill24 years ago
Uhh...shouldn't the list of ingredients include BACON?? Step 1 is 'cook bacon' but nowhere do I see how much to use (nor are there amounts shown for the other ingredients). Winging only works if you've done it before.
supersoftdrink (author)  ngill24 years ago
Please check the individual steps for ingredient amounts.
canida4 years ago
Yum, yum, and double-yum!
I don't recommend chocolate-dipped phone, though. Too crunchy.
psicodramma4 years ago
maronna che schifezza !!!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
You should enter this in the chocolate contest too!
supersoftdrink (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
Oh, I've got something else in mind for that contest. :) I have to get some dry ice first, though.
paganwonder4 years ago
what mikeasaurus said. Nom nom nom...
Oh dear...

I just imagined this candybar done "the Scottish way" (i.e. dipped in batter and deep-fried). I think I gained two kilograms just entertaining the thought.

Also, my keyboard is now saliva-impaired, but luckily my tablet wipes easily...
mikeasaurus4 years ago
mmm...you had me at bacon, and again at maple; and then when it was dipped in chocolate.