Picture of Bacon Ornament
This is a tutorial on how to make an adorable bacon ornament! It makes a finished piece about 5 x 2″ with a 3.5″ ribbon to hang it.

�Red Felt
�Color 2 Felt (White, Beige or Pink)
�Red Thread
�Thread that matches Color 2
�Wire (about 18″ per decoration)
�Ribbon (8″ per ornament)
�Print out of this pattern


�Sewing Machine
�Googly Eyes
�Black Beads (for eyes)
�Black Felt (for mouth)
�Fiber Batting
�Liquid Smoke (to give it a nice bacony smell)

Step 1:

Picture of
Cut out the six pieces of felt. The red pieces of felt should be about 2.5 inches x 5 or 6 inches. You can use this pattern, or improvise with your own shapes.

Make sure the two red pieces of felt match in shape so that they can be stitched back together.

aj123ps410 months ago
godbacon3 years ago
Idol Worship!

I Likey
ClareBS3 years ago
That's cute! Before the picture popped up I had visions of a piece of bacon hanging on the tree, or maybe a gold-plated piece of bacon. Bacon lovers would love having it on their tree.
chicopluma3 years ago
hehe funny
adaptabodge3 years ago
What is it for?
I think this is an adorable ornament!
lemonie4 years ago

Mmm, streaky...