This is a tutorial on how to make an adorable bacon ornament! It makes a finished piece about 5 x 2″ with a 3.5″ ribbon to hang it.

�Red Felt
�Color 2 Felt (White, Beige or Pink)
�Red Thread
�Thread that matches Color 2
�Wire (about 18″ per decoration)
�Ribbon (8″ per ornament)
�Print out of this pattern


�Sewing Machine
�Googly Eyes
�Black Beads (for eyes)
�Black Felt (for mouth)
�Fiber Batting
�Liquid Smoke (to give it a nice bacony smell)

Step 1:

Cut out the six pieces of felt. The red pieces of felt should be about 2.5 inches x 5 or 6 inches. You can use this pattern, or improvise with your own shapes.

Make sure the two red pieces of felt match in shape so that they can be stitched back together.

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That's cute! Before the picture popped up I had visions of a piece of bacon hanging on the tree, or maybe a gold-plated piece of bacon. Bacon lovers would love having it on their tree.
hehe funny
What is it for?
I think this is an adorable ornament!
<br> Mmm, streaky...<br> <br> L<br>

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