Step 5: De Oiling

No, that's not slang to "The oiling" -- remove your bacon from the oven. Then, using a spatula -- move to a paper towel covered plate. Then add some paper towels on top and gently press down to soak up more excess fats.

After a minute or so, change or flip your towels.

Now, if you want a stiffer mat. Allow the bacon to sit out for 10 minutes or so. You can then use your bacon as a roof for your hot dog log cabin.

You can also experiment with bacon shapes. Woven Bacon Bowls made with turkey bacon are indeed successful. And that was done in the microwave! If you want to experiment with shapes simple press your bacon mat onto the outside of a bowl or other mold while you let it stiffen. Then load it up with potatoes, toast, jam and eggs for your "tune-up breakfast."
<p>As for me I love Bacon!</p>
<p>how would you season the bacon?</p>
<p>very unique way of using bacon.</p>
Its wonderful
this is probobly the most epic pumkin i have ever seen.... ever
this has got to be one of the coolest things from bacon i have ever seen! +1
mmmmmmm, bacon liquor...
two words: bacon basket
Aw, jeez. I accidentally got a bacon glove last winter. I ended up with a third degree burn covering my hand and forearm. Since I figured I'd be in the ER for a while, and I hurt myself while making breakfast, I brought the cooked bacon along, which reaaaalllly disturbed the ER staff.
Like one <em>what</em>, Punkguyta? How about trying for an insult that make grammatical sense, huh?<br/>
<em>Like one what, Punkguyta? How about trying for an insult that make grammatical sense, huh?</em><br/><br/>Irony...<br/><br/>I should just have this entire section of the thread deleted - and really, attacking one's grammar for personal gain is always a lose-lose situation. This is <em>especially</em> so when the attack itself is grammatically incorrect...<br/>
In all seriousness, what do you see wrong with the grammar in my May 29th post? <br> <br>Also, it was most certainly not &quot;for personal gain&quot;. What do I have to gain? A stranger insulted me. My original post is neither &quot;dumb&quot; nor made up, as Punkguyta suggests. <br> <br>Did you start with &quot;Irony...&quot; to indicate the irony of you getting involved in this back-and-forth just to say you are above such things?
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No one is that dumb, so stop trying to be like one.
Bacon basket! even better, bacon gloves!
<strong>As &nbsp;state in my profile, I DO like to fry bacon in the nude.....it lets me know that I AM ALIVE!!! lol &nbsp;BACON is the BEST</strong>
cool <br>
potato skins in reverse! Bacon bowl with potatoes in it!
lol i definetively will work on that genius!!<br>as im mexican i will also include some &quot;cecina enchilada&quot;
oh god... YES!
&nbsp;Isn't it wonderful?<br /> <br />
you are a genius.
-&quot;any bacon will do, even blasphemous turkey bacon&quot;<br /> <br /> If turkey bacon is blasphemy, is a turducken the antichrist of bacon?<br /> <br /> ~adamvan2000<br />
Not if it is a bacon wrapped turducken.
If you need something even worse for your health try putting some brown sugar on top of the bacon before you bake it. :) The sugar melts and carmelizes the bacon
Bacon is more of a seasoning, like Gravy and Hard liqour.
hard liquor is a seasoning? Oh, I've been doing it all wrong. I thought hard liquor was the main course.
All of the above can actually be the main course.
especially bacon... and hard liquor too i guess...
mmmmmmm, bacon liquor..........<br />
&nbsp;sounds uh.... tasty... i guess... xD
I sooo see an instructable coming on bacon liquor.<br /> ~adamvan2000<br />
Hrmm... I see there isn't an instructable on making bacon bourbon (which is&nbsp;delicious)...
&nbsp;here's one for bacon vodka. imagine the bloody marys..... mmmmmmmmmm<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Bacon-Infused-Vodka/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Bacon-Infused-Vodka/</a><br />
can I make one out of soy bacon? I hope so. (:
if turkey bacon is blasphemous, soy bacon must be at least a cardinal sin...<br /> <br /> ~adamvan2000<br />
if Instructlobians like bacon then Instructlobians join mah group<br /> <br /> http://www.instructables.com/group/bacon<br />
now why are you people so paranoid? one sheet of bacon isn't going to kill you, eating 2 sheets a day for 15 years probably would, but COME ON! ......yes, I know what I'm talking about, my mom is going to college for natural health. oh, and theres JUST AS MUCH cholesterol in that pork chop you ate the other day, as about 10 sheets of bacon. fat is fat, whether its melted into oil or not.
you are correct. however, bacon has a bit of a notorious reputation for being fatty, and thus being bad for you. it's quite common for people to think things like this.
For some odd reason I have never seen bacon that looks like this outside the deli when you specifically order 'streaky bacon'. Perhaps this is my mark as a foriegner...
Depending where you are from bacon has different definitions. American bacon comes from the under belly of the pig. If you want some "streaky bacon" go to a decent butcher and ask for American bacon- ask him to cut it thick from the slab. Then make some bacon bowls! (or mats, helmets, baskets, et al...) Happy baconing
bacon shirt!
I'm not happy. I just made one of these to use as a mouse-mat. I hoped that it would be low friction, and thus save my wrist from RSI. It was a disaster. First, as the mat isn't that smooth, so the ball doesn't always rotate. Next, the rollers inside the mouse got slippery, so that when the ball did turn, the rotation wasn't registered. Finally, a mouse nibbled the mat, and the oily mouse-wire overnight. "So what are you going to do?" I hear nobody ask. It's obvious - I'm off to buy an optical mouse.
What exactly is your question ? Re-reading it now several months after writing it, I realize that there is a spare "as" in sentence 3, and perhaps is was not totally clear, that the nibbling mouse was small, gray and alive. "Was" here, rather than "is", and he didn't die of choked arteries caused by eating my mouse-mat. If you have anymore questions, please be more specific. Thunk
are you suggesting a bacon mouse pad?
When I wrote "It was a disaster", I was trying to communicate to potential readers, that a bacon mouse mat is not the best solution, at least not with a ball mouse. I also implied that a bacon mouse map could work better with an optical mouse. However, due to the infestation with real mice, I never got round to testing the theory. If you have an optical mouse, no problem with live mice, and some spare bacon, you could test the hypothosis and inform the rest of us here as to how well the combination bacon - optical mouse works, and perhaps a few words to the life-expectancy of the solution. Best regards.

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