I saw a pic of a bouquet of bacon roses & thought it was a great idea for my spouse for Valentine's Day.  But I'm lazy & HATE fiddling with bacon.  So I came up with a fairly easy way to make some.

They might not look quite as "authentic" as the more fiddly version, but:
A) I would NEVER get around to making it that way.
B) My spouse will still appreciate the effort & creativity.
C) It's still BACON.  What's not to like?? 

Step 1: Things You Will Need

pre-cooked bacon  (This is the key to it being easier to make.)
cupcake/muffin pan
cupcake liners  (Foil liners will make clean-up a breeze!)
skewers  (Toothpicks might be better IF you have a mini-cupcake/muffin pan because it will make smaller holes in the bacon.)
oven & oven mitt
paper towels
artificial roses
vase to hold to the bouquet

white chocolate chips
red food coloring
NEW paint brush
Awesome!! I gotta &quot;grow&quot; some of these before Valentines Day, which happens to be my birthday, too, so I have no GOOD reason to forget it!! <br>Thanks for a great idea, <br>Apt
IT was cool that you found a easier way but...... no :(

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