Picture of Bacon Roses
Flowers make a nice gift to the friend that needs a smile or for that special someone in your life. Roses are even better. But sometimes even roses don't cut it. Sometimes you need something a little more non-cliché, something...extraordinary... Sometimes, you need BACON.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
BACON - I like to use one regular pack and one thick cut pack

Rose Stems

Glass Vase

Mini Muffin Pan

Broiler Pan

Drill with bi
t (I used an 1/8" bit, but any similar size will work)

Gravel or marbles for vase (not shown)

Step 2: Preparing the Pans

Picture of Preparing the Pans
Drill holes in the bottom of the muffin pan. This will allow the grease to drain when cooking the bacon.
Place the muffin pan on top of the broiler pan.

Step 3: Prepare the Rose Buds

Picture of Prepare the Rose Buds
Preheat the oven to 375degrees Fahrenheit
Open the bacon and begin tightly rolling the roses, one piece at a time. Start with the widest end of the bacon, with the fat edge down. I like to use a combination of thick and thin bacon so I end up with a variety of rose shapes.
Place all of the bacon in the muffin pans pushing down slightly to "seat" them. The bottoms will flair out a bit.
Place in the oven and cook for 30-40 minutes. Check in on them occasionally. Sometimes you will have to lift the rose so the grease will drain out the pan.

Step 4: Prepare the Rose Stems

Picture of Prepare the Rose Stems
While waiting for the buds to cook you can start working on the stems. I found the stems that work best can be purchased at Walmart in bunches of 7, for under a dollar each.
Pull all of the roses off from the stems.
Pull the green backing off from the rose and then separate it into individual parts.
Discard the petals and center red piece. Reassemble the remaining green parts as shown.
Put the green piece back on the stem, but force it down so that roughly 1" of the stem protrudes.
I like to tape the stems together at this point, but this is optional.
Put the stems in your vase and fill with gravel or marbles to hold them in place.
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breumer made it!2 years ago
This was such a fantastic idea! I made these for my husband ! they turned out great! Thanks you for sharing this awesome fantastic idea!

Thanks for posting the pic of the tea light candle tins... I totally stole your idea and it worked out great!
kaptaink_cg (author)  breumer2 years ago
Wow, those look great!! Excellent idea using the tealight tins.
asmith96 made it!2 years ago
This was an incredible idea and well worth the first prize for the bacon contest. I just made this for Valentines day and it was a hit.
Several people have had problems cooking the bacon fully beacuse the fat pools and boils the bacon insead of cooks it. I had the same problem until I opened up the drain holes about the size of a dime, or around 1/2 inch.The larger the holes, the better drainage beacuse bacon fat is your worst enemy, at least for this project!

Thank you so much for this idea!!!

Corbo88 made it!2 years ago
I made these today.
snackqueen3 years ago
I would just like to say, that these roses were not only beautiful, but also tasty, delicious and aromatic!!! After receiving them, I laughed (in the best possible way) every time I looked at them for the first day or two. When he gave me these, I was ecstatically happy to say the least.

pretty clever, but drilling holes in the cake tin is a bit excessive!

Haha very good Korey!

davidbarcomb2 months ago

Those look great. I will definitely going to try this. Thanks!

aj123ps43 months ago
Who loves BACON???
I do!!!!
mik.ovsi5 months ago

Well done, but pay respect to them

desmondtheredx11 months ago

Now use the left over bacon grease to make a valentine soap bar

Sure would like to know how to make the soap bars

here you go!

by the king of random
365DaysofBacon made it!1 year ago
Check out this cool variation we did dipping the bacon roses in chocolate!
chocolate bacon roses.jpg

This is just taking it to the next level!

TremulaK6 months ago

I'm going to try and make these for the guy I like, if all goes well this could be the start of our relationship!

cheshirecorn9 months ago


alopez4711 months ago
cathru1011 months ago
I used skewers and push them through each rose on top of a cookie cooling rack over a pan and it works famously! Easy as pie they came out perfectly
amitchell21 made it!11 months ago
I made these this morning for my boyfriend for valentines day... Needless to say he LOVED THEM! Thanks for the awesome idea Hun! They turned out pretty great!
14, 1:03 PM.jpg14, 1:03 PM.jpg14, 1:03 PM.jpg
kaptaink_cg (author)  amitchell2111 months ago

That's awesome!!

Broker Reviews11 months ago

A rose by any other name......

JaredBlake2 years ago
I'm not sure why but this makes me very happy. Mm bacon.


CindyZS12 months ago

shoot i'd rather have this than real roses, lol bacon bacon bacon!! thx!

This was such a fantastic idea! I made these for my husband ! they turned out great! Thanks you for sharing this awesome fantastic idea!
Hey guys check out this cool bacon roses kit that has everything you need!
Very nice
Kelly021 year ago
Beautiful bacon roses! I never thought of it!
Chloe81 year ago
creative piece.
sgray191 year ago
i was wondering if with the bacon will it still work if you wrap the bacon like a rose and pin it with a tooth pick and then deep fry it ..would that still work
This is perfect. I've tried to do myself, but I messed it up! hahaha My bacon just doesn't rolled in, Then I ate it. So delicious :D As we say in my blog, at least we tried, if don't works, eat it!!
dawnsrecipes made it!1 year ago
Your instructable inspired me to make a rose bouquet for my husband for Valentine's Day. Thank you!! I didn't quite stick to your method, but I blogged about it and gave you credit for the idea. Hopefully it drives a little traffic your way. :)

kaptaink_cg (author)  dawnsrecipes1 year ago
Awesome! Thanks!
I like your baking rake method. That definitely alleviates the fat draining problem!
carterdana made it!1 year ago
Made these for my girlfriend for V-Day this year. Fairly easy to follow and awesome Instructable (tho it took me closer to 90 minutes from start to finish...kept my bacon in for 45 minutes at 375 to crisp the non-fat edges). I used shiny mini-muffin cups with holes punched in the bottom with a chopstick laid on a roasting pan with grill for the fat to drip into (lifted up the roses a few times to let the fat drain). I also tried different lengths of bacon (some strips cut in half) to make smaller 'buds' and used the leftover petals from the stems for tabletop decoration....she's not a huge flower-lover but she absolutely LOVED these...thanks gang!
kaptaink_cg (author)  carterdana1 year ago
Those are awesome! Great job! Glad you enjoyed my instructable. :)
jprekopa1 year ago
And, of course, there should be a "wash the stem pieces" after discarding the petals.
PWhito1 year ago
nailing it for Valentines Day this year!!!
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