Step 4: Prepare the Rose Stems

While waiting for the buds to cook you can start working on the stems. I found the stems that work best can be purchased at Walmart in bunches of 7, for under a dollar each.
Pull all of the roses off from the stems.
Pull the green backing off from the rose and then separate it into individual parts.
Discard the petals and center red piece. Reassemble the remaining green parts as shown.
Put the green piece back on the stem, but force it down so that roughly 1" of the stem protrudes.
I like to tape the stems together at this point, but this is optional.
Put the stems in your vase and fill with gravel or marbles to hold them in place.
This was such a fantastic idea! I made these for my husband ! they turned out great! Thanks you for sharing this awesome fantastic idea!<br><br>
<p>that does really look great :) ... will try mine lol</p>
Thanks for posting the pic of the tea light candle tins... I totally stole your idea and it worked out great!
Wow, those look great!! Excellent idea using the tealight tins.
This was an incredible idea and well worth the first prize for the bacon contest. I just made this for Valentines day and it was a hit. <br>Several people have had problems cooking the bacon fully beacuse the fat pools and boils the bacon insead of cooks it. I had the same problem until I opened up the drain holes about the size of a dime, or around 1/2 inch.The larger the holes, the better drainage beacuse bacon fat is your worst enemy, at least for this project! <br> <br>Thank you so much for this idea!!! <br> <br>
I made these today.
I would just like to say, that these roses were not only beautiful, but also tasty, delicious and aromatic!!! After receiving them, I laughed (in the best possible way) every time I looked at them for the first day or two. When he gave me these, I was ecstatically happy to say the least.<br>
<p>I bet you could just dip them in melted chocolate at this point, huh?</p>
<p>I rolled the slice like this and cooked them in the microwave. Wah Lah! Crispy &amp; no mess. </p>
<p>Can you make these without drilling holes in the muffin tins?</p>
<p>I just rolled up my bacon slice and microwaved it! Crispy &amp; not messy!!</p>
I wasn't thinking to try a wire cooking rack in a cookie sheet, and just skewer through the bottom of the &quot;flower&quot; with a toothpick to keep it rolled up. Solves any draining issues too!
<p>Beautiful bacon.. and of course yummy.. :)</p>
<p>thanks alot for this amazing tutorial.. wow my friends couldnt believe it when I showed them. been looking for something so awesome. much appreciated</p>
<p>omg. I LOVE this!</p>
this project was so much fun.
<p>Beautiful and tasty. These are my types of flowers!</p>
I'm glad they're edible!?
Thats a great idea!! Thanks for the tealight candle tins idea this made this better!
The best bouquet ever!!!!
<p>This is an awesome idea. Bacon always fixes by wife's mood.</p>
I love this, I love my brother, he loves baccon. I'm going to do this for him, it looks amazing
<p>Absolutely beautiful!</p>
<p>Tasty! This is the perfect present for those who love bacon whether they're a boy or a girl.</p>
<p>Highlight of my breakfast. perfect V-day Breakfast</p>
<p>Instead of drilling wholes in the pan I found it easier to place rits crackers under the bacon roses to collect grease, when they got to greasy I just replaced them with a new cracker.</p>
<p>This is such an awesome idea. My girlfriend loves bacon and guess what I'm doing for her next birthday ;)</p>
<p>I think it is very nice flowers for home using!</p><p>Thanks for interesting presentation!</p>
<p>I see that you used regaler bacon. </p><p>Perhaps if you used bacon that was sliced thinner you would be able to add more detail to the roses.</p>
So I just made these for my husband...they are adorable, and I followed the directions but the inside of the rise was still a little raw and uncooked :( I tried to not wrap them too tight so it would cook evenly. Not sure what happened.
If I had to guess, I would say it either didn't cook quite long enough,or perhaps the fat wasn't draining well enough?
<p>Made a batch here! Turned out awesome.</p>
<p>Do you have to refrigerate after making them? Or can they be left out for a while, say if you make them in the morning and plan to give them away in the evening?</p>
Step 1 has me concerned because you are taking a metal object to a teflon coated baking pan. You are breaking the barrier seal, exposing toxic chemicals into the food you are cooking as well as the air that you breathe.<br><br>Search for &quot;dangers of teflon&quot; if you wish to learn more about protecting your health.
While this may be so IF you overheat the pan, one should always be paying attention to your cooking, not wandering out of the room to attend to other things, that is how kitchen fires can start which are FAR more dangerous than a minuscule amount of gas. Basically, if your pans are smoking, not steaming, then you the heat is to high. Next is the drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of other toxins we take in on a daily basis. You are in effect removing one &quot;possible&quot; source of toxins from hundreds if not thousands more. Living on the planet earth is toxic and ultimately fatal. <br><br>Let's not forget that most dangerous toxin of all... look up &quot;dihydrogen monoxide&quot; better known as DHMO at www.DHMO.org why has this NOT been banned! it is FAR more dangerous than ALL the possible toxins discussed here!
True, Dihydrogen monoxide (also known as hydric acid) is responsible for injury, death, and property damage all over the world. Visit the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division online at www.dhmo.org, or send email to info@dhmo.org for more information. Tell the EPA to ban Dihydrogen monoxide!
But but but I just can't liiiiive without my DHMO! Is there a 12 step program out there anywhere for it? If not maybe we should form one!
<p>::snickersnort:: </p>
DHMO... HAHAHA!!! This one always makes me laugh!
OMG that look good 0_0 i would marry the guy who give me some of that XD will not really but close enough LOL :3 sign if only my family wasn't so Asian i would be making them right now ):
My family's Asian (Chinese Malaysian) and we're big bacon fans, why aren't yours? =D
We are D: my brother and i loves it but my mother is all like is no good for u ):
Bacon's actually relatively healthy when you cook it in a pan, especially when you allow the grease to escape (such as here), so these are... well, not exactly healthy, but a bit further away from walking heart-attack.
<p>Actually, the purported link between saturated fat and heart disease has been thoroughly broken. And the link between carbs and heart disease is gaining strength with every new study.. SOOOOO in actuality, these are probably much healthier than the chocolate alternative :)</p>
use turky bacon for hers :)
I hate turkey bacon. <br><br>Sean B - <br><a href="http://ipadalternatives.net">ipad alternatives</a>
<p>pretty clever, but drilling holes in the cake tin is a bit excessive!</p>
<p>Haha very good Korey!</p>

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