Step 5: Assemble and Present!

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When the bacon buds are done, remove from the oven and place on paper towel to cool.
You'll now have a variety of rose buds to choose from. Pick your favorites and slide them onto the protruding stems. Arrange the roses to your liking and then present the aromatic bouquet to your favorite bacon fanatic!


Do you have to refrigerate after making them? Or can they be left out for a while, say if you make them in the morning and plan to give them away in the evening?

Now use the left over bacon grease to make a valentine soap bar

PWhito2 years ago
nailing it for Valentines Day this year!!!
lbryant32 years ago
Would it work if I were to wrap part of the rolled bacon with foil (for example around the middle), and just sit it on a rack instead of muffin tins?
kaptaink_cg (author)  lbryant32 years ago
Possibly. It's worth a try at least!
Thank You...Thank You..! My son is a bacon freak and this is going to be great for Christmas. You Rock!
FaeDine3 years ago
I just wanted to give a proper Thank You! to the author of this. I used these for a recent wedding proposal to my girlfriend and they were a total hit! Thank you so much! They went great with the bacon ring ;)

For anyone curious, I didn't want to drill through a pan so did end up using a "silicone mini-muffin" pan and it worked quite well. I still think a metal pan is likely ideal if you're going to make more than one "batch" though.

Also, wow, the bacon gets even tastier when it's all curled up.
When I made these, the middles of my bacon didn't cook. I was hoping to make them for Valentines day for my honey but now I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
kaptaink_cg (author)  emmaleighcat3 years ago
Did you use a pan with holes in the bottom, and did you ensure that the fat was draining from the pan? If you did that, then they just need to be cooked longer. If the fat stays in the pan they'll take forever to crisp up and wont cook properly.
numm3r3 years ago
Has anyone tried putting a date filled with cheese in the middle? I'm curious how it would look! I think I'll try that version!
mstacey3 years ago
You are amazing. I bow to your bacon creativeness!! =D
kaikudo4 years ago
OMG that look good 0_0 i would marry the guy who give me some of that XD will not really but close enough LOL :3 sign if only my family wasn't so Asian i would be making them right now ):
My family's Asian (Chinese Malaysian) and we're big bacon fans, why aren't yours? =D
We are D: my brother and i loves it but my mother is all like is no good for u ):
use turky bacon for hers :)
sophmae4 years ago
Pure Genius.
jdavis-114 years ago
My best friend sent this to me through stumbleupon and said that if a girl ever brought him this bunch of "roses" he would know that it was true love! Just had to share that! BTW, YUMMY!!!
graphak4 years ago
made these for my six year old daughter's birthday and everybody loved them! I might try putting in some garlic next time and make some "garcon roses." I found some $1 mini-muffin aluminum trays at the dollar store.
These are pretty awesome. Very nifty idea!
next time baloney and salami origami??
Could you use a silicon muffin tray instead of the teflon coated one? You could still poke the holes in for drainage but you wouldn't be risking your health (I don't think!). I live Down Under and we have 6 and 12 hole silicon mini muffin trays. Other than that, these look really great!
lmanno4 years ago
What a Clever, Delicious idea!!!!! There are so many people I would make this for but it would look even more awesome on a buffet table. I LOVE this!!!
skarah4 years ago
Do you absolutely have to drill the holes? Did you try it with the fat left in the muffin pan? I'm just curious, because I always save bacon grease (for frying eggs, browning onions, etc) and would be worried to use bacon grease that had gone through the hole of a compromised non-stick pan, which is the only kind of muffin pan I have.
bradhart skarah4 years ago
Get a foil muffin pan from a dollar store or any other cheap muffin pan for a buck or three from the cheap stores if this is something you want to do. The important thing is the grease drains out. Of course you probably have tens of thousands of micro-nicks in your nonstick pans that compromise the lining that you already don't know about so I wouldn't worry about it.
mslaynie4 years ago
This is such a phenomenally creative idea! This is the type of gift that would be forever ingrained in my memory as one to top! Seriously... it's SO much better than roses, and so much more thoughtful! You're one hell of a partner, and your girl is seriously lucky.

If my guy weren't so awesome, I'd be jealous! ;)
tuma4 years ago
congratulations for the great idea
mariemac844 years ago
You have literally just changed my life. Forever. I'm giving serious consideration to changing my wedding decorations. If I do, there will be pictures.

Thank you for the world's best instructable.
Shany1204 years ago
i wish that there was scratch n sniff on my computer :p the bacon looks yummy!!!!!!!!!!
mtacha4 years ago
Luckiest girl in the world.