Hello Folks. Here I will show you two very simple methods to make bacon salt with left over bacon grease and crispy bacon. These are great for seasoning or to use as rubs for bbq's or roast, or just add to anything that needs a little extra bacon flavor. Enjoy.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

Bacon Bacon Bacon
Salt (table and/or sea salt)
mortar and pestle
food processor
containers to hold finished product
<p>I got a sample at a bar b q festival. I used it on almost everything. Awesome!</p>
Ps. Nice instructable
And yes it would be EPIC on popcorn
Mmmmmm bacon
I bet it would be great on popcorn.
Such a good idea. Making some now. Thanks
cool idea.
That's actually really neat. I would love to try this sometime, but I can't taste salt (even though I like the taste of it, strange I know). I might just make bacon powder though and put it on everything!
That's too bad about tasting salt. Pure bacon bits are just as good, actually, anything with bacon is good.
Bacon on everything!!!

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