Do you ever get tired of eating multiple things for breakfast? Are you just too tired in the morning to do all that chewing? No more! Now you can eat bacon and waffles at the same time, with just a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Bacon Prep

First, pick out your bacon. You will need 2 strips of bacon per waffle you want to make. We used thick sliced bacon because it's delicious.
To cook the bacon, you can pretty much use whatever method you want. For simplicity, we lay the bacon out on a broiler pan and stick it in the oven on the broiler setting. 
<p>now i fell hungry</p>
<p>If you throw a handful of chocolate chips into the batter the waffles are amazing when fresh, and still ridiculously good cold, when the chocolate re-hardens... :)</p><p>I also cut up the raw bacon and cooked it on the waffle maker, before pouring the batter over it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that though, as there was a lot more grease left than I really wanted to deal with.</p>
<p>Waffles got 400% cooler, and tastier.</p><p>Stay American, thanks for sharing,</p><p>JesusG33k</p>
<p>Lol look at my logo</p>
I made chicken and waffle sanwhiches with these, I recommend ice cream to go with it.
Looks great! Can't wait to try it!
nice now i love waffles and bacon so put that together and boom u then have a yummy waffle with bacon and thanks fomatt

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