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I discovered a new technique last week called Nitrogen Cavitation or Nitrogen Infusions, which allow liquids to absorb the flavor, and only the flavor, of something aromatic with a nitrogen charge. (Think basil, mint, coffee beans, etc…)

My thoughts instantly took me to what sorts of ingredients I would want only the flavor from and nothing more… obviously things with a high caloric count like chocolate,  or… things that just aren’t good for you but taste heavenly… BACON! And what sort of liquid would I want tasting like bacon? Certainly not water, that wouldn’t be refreshing. Most definitely… WHISKEY!


4 strips bacon, cooked completely

1 cup whiskey

1 N2O (Nitrous Oxide) charger


Place 4 strips of bacon in the ISI Whip canister and pour in 1 cup of whiskey.  Screw on the N2O charger, and the whiskey will absorb the bacon flavors without giving you those extra unwanted calories.  Let the whiskey sit for about 15 minutes for the flavors to fully develop, then place in freezer for 5 minutes. Strain through a cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer to remove any bits of bacon remnants and enjoy!

Feeling extra frisky? Pour the Bacon Whiskey back in the ISI Whip,  give it a CO2 charge, and presto… Carbonated Bacon Whiskey!

With the first of my Nitrogen Infusion experiments a success, I can’t stop thinking about how else I want to use this brilliant technique.  Caramel Champagne anyone? Cinnamon Chardonnay?

CONCLUSION: The flavors are strongest after 20 minutes, and it’s definitely worth the wait!

More info at:


garretttm (author)2012-03-21

This is amazing.. definitely giving it a shot, but i had was wondering...
Would the extra juices from cooking the bacon slightly less than usual provide more material and lead to a stronger flavor, or just taint the liquid with grease?
And are there certain liquids which the chemical composition would make more/ less receptive to this process than others?

the_cactus_caper (author)2012-02-26

very good technique. you should look up how to infuse alcohol flavor into fats and can purify vodka that way.or have awesome butter.

hdaniel-1 (author)2011-07-24

What exactly is a Nitrogen charger, what is it used for in general, and where do you get one?

skylane (author)hdaniel-12011-08-07

It's actually a Nitrous Oxide charger...
It holds a little NO2 charge that looks like a CO2 charge for BB/pellet rifles.
You put your cream, or what-have-you, in the charger and it works like a
can of "ReddiWhip'' whipcream.
Can be found in all kitchen/cooking supply stores, most major dept stores in the kitchen gadget sections.

the_cactus_caper (author)skylane2012-02-26

abraham lincoln asked nothing but questions when her was young..annoyed some people, but look where it got him. go in with an empty mind and learn or deal with your misconceptions and critique everything you see, without any gain of course..because everyone is wrong but you

nvnusman (author)hdaniel-12011-07-25

Um, by Googling "nitrogen charger?"

One of the purposes of web services like this is to set one on the path to knowledge, to stir the desire to investigate, discover and create.

It is helpful to know how to use basic tools and among the most basic and useful tools on the Interwebs is the Search function.

Use it early, often ... and a bit sceptically; What? Oh, just Google sceptically.

hdaniel-1 (author)nvnusman2011-07-25

you are being a smartass for nothing. google search results all referred to industrial equipments :|

DDRAMbo (author)hdaniel-12011-07-27

I knew nothing about this process before I began an intelligent search of Google using only the few terms used by this illuminating Instructable alcoholic (hehehe). After an hour or so, I learned everything I needed to know (and some things I didn't, such as 'cell infusion') about this simple technique.
Google is run by God, and I am a disciple.

hdaniel-1 (author)DDRAMbo2011-07-27

good for you. i did not have an hour at my disposal to search for this. my time is actually precious. so if i couldn't find the answer in a few minutes, i asked. there is no shame in asking. people ask things all the time. even much more dumb things than this. and still, there are people out there willing to share, without making a deal out of it. not everyone is a bitter antisocial grinch-like creature.

now i'll leave you to your god who runs google. wut..

DDRAMbo (author)hdaniel-12011-07-30

"Give a man some fish and you'll feed him for a day, but show him HOW TO FISH, and he'll never be hungry again". In other words, if you give a man an answer to his question, you help him for the moment; if you reveal to him how he can find his own answers, you solve for him every question he will ever have.
The Internet is a rich sea of knowledge, and Google is like one of those fish finders - once you learn how to use it, you'll never have to rely on any single source for an answer. You were getting uselessly upset because you should have found your own answer.
I'm hopelessly hooked on finding my own answers because I was raised in foster homes, and never got an education, so I had to teach myself everything - and I still do. Sorry to insult your petulance.

hdaniel-1 (author)DDRAMbo2011-07-30

i DO KNOW how to google search. i do know hot to find information on the internet. i've been doing it since before google was invented.
(metaphorically speaking, i already know how to fish. off topic: i also know how to fish for real :D )
i also had to teach everything myself and i still do.
but for this one, i simply didn't have the time. it wasn't even that important for me to want to make the time, so i simply asked, thinking "mneh.. someone will answer and tell me.. if not, so be it :| i don't care" it was a simple unimportant curiosity.
it wasn't the case here, but sometimes i also ask stuff because i am simply to lazy to search for the answer myself. not because i don't know how. yes, you could say it's a luxury. or that i may be spoiled. so what?
...but a lesson in google searching was the last thing i needed :|

mbuchanan2 (author)hdaniel-12011-08-08

I don't mean to be rude, but out of curiosity i typed 'nitrogen charger' into google just now. I had a viable answer as to what one was right at the top in .21 seconds. it takes longer than .21 seconds to type 'What is a nitrogen charger'? and wait for a stranger to answer. BTW, that first answer implies that a nitrogen charger is the same as a whipped cream charger.

In other words, one would have to be extremely full of time to ask this question and wait for an answer. A person whose time was precious would have googled it.

It's fine if you don't google it. But please, don't then say that your time is precious when it would have saved you time to google. And especially don't spend even more precious time arguing how precious your time is when it's obvious that you wanted someone else to do your thinking for you, and you didn't mind waiting for an answer.

hdaniel-1 (author)mbuchanan22011-08-08

just to satisfy your curiosity, i didn't have the time THEN. in that specific moment. now i do. now i would have all the time to search if i still needed info. and now i also have the time to argue as much as you guys want, even though it wouldn't have much sense still.

nvnusman (author)hdaniel-12011-08-08

Um, Bye.

nvnusman (author)hdaniel-12011-07-25

There's also Wikipedia:

hdaniel-1 (author)nvnusman2011-07-25

can't you read?
i clearly asked about "Nitrogen charger", because that's what the instructable asked for.
your wiki article is about "Whipped cream charger", not "nitrogen charger".

how was i supposed to know that "Whipped cream charger" was in fact, what i should be searching for instead?
i don't need the kind of responses you are giving, and especially not the way you are giving them. go and troll somewhere else.

user "illuminatis" was very kind and explained it all to me in a few words in a private message. thanks.

I have the iSi whip... but any whip will work. You can buy them at Amazon or
Couple direct links: Whip-it $37 (
iSi whip- $77

And then you can choose whether you want to buy the CO2 chargers (to carbonate) or the Nitrogen Chargers. Interchangeable with the whips!

thank you for the direct links :)

javajunkie1976 (author)2011-08-27

Bacon....Whiskey.....Oh, my...

StuNutt (author)2011-07-24

A VERY interesting 'ible! However, in the case of Bacon flavour, there's a quicker, cheaper way that needs no equipment - BaconSalt!  That's a spice blend that, as the makers say, "makes everything taste like Bacon"!

It sells in large stores in USA or you can get it by mail order from

If you're in Europe you'll find the posting cost is high and it takes a couple of weeks to deliver - BUT - A UK company called Crazy4Flavour sells mail order to Western Europe

I keep a shaker-jar in my coat pocket so I can add instant bacon flavour wherever I'm eating-out . . . . . It even makes airline meals taste good  :)

violentorchid (author)StuNutt2011-07-25

Well, you have to want lots of sodium and a salty flavor in you whiskey for bacon salt to be an acceptable substitute. Also, have fun getting that to dissolve.

StuNutt (author)violentorchid2011-07-25

@Harvey - There's about 30% sodium salt in (J&D's) BaconSalt, compared with ordinary table salt, so it's fairly salty. But you can afford to sprinkle generously without worrying so much about heart problems.

Sorry the flavour didn't work for you; everyone's taste buds are different - J&D's works for most people (it does for me and the kids) but not for everyone.

@violentor  - It's not so much dissolving the Baconsalt - more a "infuse". Not tried it with Whiskey (or even Whisky!), but it works for me with Vodka.

violentorchid (author)StuNutt2011-08-07

I'm more worried about the stress lot's of sodium and alcohol will put your kidneys under, not heart disease, but thanks for taking that leap into Assumption Chasm.
I think you are willing to take corners people interested in this instructable are purposefully trying to avoid. I like the taste of bacon, not salt. I also like the idea that it's pretty translucent, oppose to little bits floating in my liquor. Maybe you should take this concepts you keep trying to convince us of and write your own instructable with them and then make all the comments there about how people should do it your way. It might be more effective.


HarveyDanger (author)StuNutt2011-07-25

(and yes, this was the J&D's Bacon Salt, not some mysterious generic imitator)

HarveyDanger (author)StuNutt2011-07-25

I excitedly bought myself some Bacon Salt for Christmas expecting it to be great.

Instead of making everything taste like bacon, it makes everything taste like imitation bacon, which I guess is to be expected as it's intended to be vegetarian-safe. Regardless, I found it pretty disappointing and not very tasty.

theshanecobain (author)2011-08-06

Will you marry me?

rhenry1 (author)2011-07-21

What exactly are those cube shaped things in the whiskey glass?

BrianneMichelle (author)rhenry12011-07-21

Whiskey Stones! Not part of the recipe... just a brilliant way to chill whiskey without diluting it.

I really like the idea of using icy stones to cool my whiskey but I'm a lil concerned about scratching up my rocks glasses (insert dorky, pun-induced nerd-laugh of choice). Thinking maybe I'll try super-polished and sterilized aquarium stones or glass pebbles instead.

BostonJohn (author)Dark Solar2011-07-24

They are made of Soapstone so they won't scratch the glass.

Fred82664 (author)BostonJohn2011-07-24

Why not put the Whisky in the frig or the freezer in the first place and have more room in the glass meaning less wasted space for the drink

Phoghat (author)Fred826642011-07-30

LOL! I keep a bottle of Vodka (Polish of course, as it's the original, no matter what the Russians might say) for a instant dry, Vodka Martini. When you pour it, it's almost syrupy in its viscosity.

acoleman3 (author)Fred826642011-07-24

because teh stones hold the lower temperatures longer? even more so i think if you go along with your suggestion and the whiskey is also from the freezer.

AbstractDragon (author)acoleman32011-07-24

Actually, they are only meant to cool it a few degrees. The idea that I've heard explained is that supposedly fine whiskey is at it's best only a little below room temperature and the stones are supposed to make it so that you don't need to water down your drink by adding a single ice cube.

This is what I have heard explained several times to people who complained that Whiskey Rocks don't actually cool the drink hardly at all or keep it cold.

I have no experience with them, personally. I'm not into shoving rocks in my drinks or whiskey itself, for that matter. I just wanted to find out how they made it bacon flavored.

Fred82664 (author)acoleman32011-07-24

I get it now,,, some like to sip on one glass for a long time . unlike me I dont let a glass sit to get warm . Call me what ever its just the cowboy in me not one that can sip for hours on one good glass of good whisky. but when it come to Rot gut cheap bottle of whisky that will sit a long time before I get it all down

adam 101 (author)BrianneMichelle2011-07-25

Are they from Thinkgeek?

BrianneMichelle (author)adam 1012011-07-25

Hi Adam,
I actually bought the Whiskey Stones at Sur la Table.

DDRAMbo (author)BrianneMichelle2011-07-27

I would think that if you broke up a slate of marble you could use a grinder and make some nice cubes also, and cheaper.
Maybe someone out there can put up a Instructable for this or a similar project?

Phoghat (author)DDRAMbo2011-07-30

Do you live near, visit, a river or the ocean ? I'm down here in Mexico and saw the Whiskey stones on ThinkGeek and a few other places. I used to buy from ThinkGeek a lot, but they don't ship out of country, and besides, these things are just ROCKS ! When we went to a beach resort down here, I took a walk and collected some nicely colored, nice sized smooth stones, boiled them to clean an sterilize them and ... Bob's your Uncle !

I just keep my glasses in the freezer.

electro (author)Br4inFr33z32011-07-26

I tried this idea, but when I put them on they steamed up and I couldnt see a thing !!

hhart (author)2011-07-28

This was a great article and I really appreciate your sharing. I'm amazed at the number of ingrates who have given you grief over this article - know that they are the minority even though they are the loudest.

This was really educational and I'm already checking out where to get the materials. Many many thanks!

BrianneMichelle (author)hhart2011-07-28

:) Thanks Hart :)

static (author)2011-07-27

Good instructable for those who find the idea appealing, but... I'm thinking if the whiskey one buys needs to adulterated, one should consider buying better whiskey. When I want the flavor of bacon, I call over the bar wench it put in an order for a bacon sandwich :)

kermitECV (author)2011-07-24

where the hell can you get a nitrogen canister small enough for a whip cream dispenser

nvnusman (author)kermitECV2011-07-25

Okay, not nitrogen, but nitrous oxide, also known as Laughing Gas; it's what puts the bubbles in canned whipped cream. It comes in little metal capsules, just like the CO2 capsules that power BB guns and paint ball guns (and beverage carbonators). You have to find it at specialty kitchen stores or commercial restaurant suppliers or online.

And secure it or the kids will try to "huff" it.

kermitECV (author)nvnusman2011-07-25

I know what they are, they are refered to as "whippits" , in the instructions it said to use a nitrogen charge not a nitrous oxide charge. Nitrous oxide makes more sence.

Hi Kermit,
Yes, it's a N20 (Nitrous Oxide) charge... the people who invented this whole process however have been referring to it as "nitrogen cavitation" so out of respect I've been calling it that as well. I can see the confusion however and will make the change in the directions. Thank you!

emerson.john (author)2011-07-25

This is a rather vulgar notion for one who enjoys good scotch. Ugh.

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