Three simple ingredients to make one delicious snack.

-Dates (pitted)

perfect combination of salty and sweet.....wrapped up in bacon.

other things that you will need:

-tin foil and tray
-tooth picks

first thing you want to do is preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
You will have plenty of time while is preheating to wrap things in bacon.

Step 1: Halfs

so you are going to pretty much cut everything in half..

you do not want to cut the dates all the way in half, just to the center so that you can place a walnut inside of it.

trying to fit a whole walnut in a date is a difficult task, so we are going to cut them in half and only put half of a walnut in each date.
<p>I make these with blue cheese inside instead of walnuts. Then I condense some balsamic vinaigrette down to use as a dipping sauce. They are gluttonously good!</p>
I've always been reluctant to try dates, but if they are wrapped in bacon, bring em on!

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