Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Cheddar Dogs


Introduction: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Cheddar Dogs

Bacon is delicious.  Bacon + hotdogs + cheese + jalapenos = awesome. 

Step 1: Materials & Ingredients

Hot dogs
Canned/pickled Jalapenos
Sliced cheese
Hot dog buns
Favorite condiments
Cooking spray

Spray bottle

Step 2: Slice the Jalapenos

Slice the jalapenos so that they are little rings.  Then cut open the rings. Remove seeds if desired.  Place sliced jalapenos on hotdogs.

**warning: wash hands after working with jalapenos.  DO NOT TOUCH EYES. (cuts are probably a bad thing to touch as well.)

Step 3: Cheese

Cut or tear cheese slices in half.  Place 1 or 2 on each hotdog, on top of the jalapenos.

Step 4: Bacon!!

Wrap the hotdog in bacon, making sure to not let the cheese or jalapenos fall out.  We used 2 slices of bacon per hotdog.  Adjust as desired.

Step 5: Grill

Preheat grill for 5 minutes, then turn the heat to medium.

Carefully place bacon wrapped hotdogs onto grill using tongs.

Flip (or carefully roll) the dogs every 7-10 minutes until bacon is crispy and delicious.

Spray any little fire with water to prevent the dogs from burning.

** It might be wise to spray grill with cooking spray beforehand.  oops.

Step 6: Mmmmmmm

Remove from grill when finished cooking.

Place hotdogs on buns.

Add favorite condiments.  (We recommend Goulden's spicy brown mustard)




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    I am quite certain I will, I am going to get together w/ some buddies in NC this weekend and see if they are up for it. I am sure they will be like "Go for it bro!".

    Cood googly moogly this looks so good I have to go to the store and get the ingredients and give this one a try RIGHT NOW. I will let you know how they came out.

    1 reply

    I hope you enjoy them!

    Gloves are essential rubber, plastic, vinyl, any. Cuts, eyes, private parts are all places not to touch, if you do you SHALL pay dearly!

    My blood pressure is up. My tastey spider senses are tingling, looks totally wicked good. Phil aka grillmaster 3000

    1 reply

    You're missing out if you haven't tried it yet. :D

    I am definitely making this next week, when half my extended family is here

    aka heart attack on a bun