Picture of Bacon Wrapped Pickles
This is a simple recipe that is delicious as an appetizer.

All you need is skewers, bacons, pickles and heat!

You can either deep fry, barbeque or bake the bacon and pickles.
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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials
You will require 

*water soak the skewers if you plan to bake with them or make them on the grill

cross sectioned pickles work best, and the longer the better!

I use pork bacon.
Turkey bacon may work, however, comparatively, the turkey bacon will be more brittle

Step 2: Roll it up!

Picture of Roll it up!
I roll up the pickle and stick it into the skewer (just a little bit) to hold it rolled up.
I then grab the bacon, and roll it around the pickle.

Deep fry for a minute and let sit for a little while to cool down!
Bake for 7 minutes at 450-475 degrees F!
BBQ until well done!

Yummy time