Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turkey

Picture of Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turkey
Someone passed me an amazing photo last Thanksgiving of an oven roasted, Bacon Wrapped Turkey and it looked amazing. I personally love smoking my Thanksgiving bird, and who can say no to bacon, so I decided to wrap a bird with a bacon weave, throw it in my smoker, and Voila, I have created my favorite new Thanksgiving tradition!
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Step 1: The Bacon Weave

Picture of The Bacon Weave
First, get yourself about 2 pounds of bacon in order to make the bacon weave. I won't bore you with the steps to create a weave, there are plenty of sites that can give you the rundown. They are really simple to make, and have plenty of uses... like my grilled Breakfast Fatty that I will post up here one of these days!

Step 2: Wrap the bird

Picture of Wrap the bird
After your bacon is weaved, and your bird is prepped (Gizzards, neck, and plastic thingamajig removed) feel free to rub your Turkey down with a spice rub if you choose, or let the bacon and the smoke do the flavoring for you. I made a mixture of some of my favorite poultry spices and lightly seasoned the skin.

At this point, carefully pickup the foil holding the bacon weave, center it up, and flip the foil over so that it covers the turkey. You can carefully move the weave around once it is placed, but try to get it pretty close to perfect when you flip the foil. Next, make sure to cover as much of the exposed skin as possible with bacon. I cut slices in half and wrapped them around the legs, and along the side of the bird where the weave didn't touch.
gary.varnum8 months ago

You're welcome for the original photo, big man! :D

CheeseMcGee (author)  gary.varnum8 months ago

Might be the best decision you've ever made!!

My arteries just clogged up looking at that wonderfully cooked bird. Bacon RULES!!
samalert1 year ago
doesnt it look like Predators head !
Looks great!
edelehanty1 year ago
Anything in bacon is great. Gotta try it.
hitnrun1 year ago
Dude, this is the best bacon creation i have ever heard of. I would love to do it for Thanksgiving, but my family is not adventurous. I so want to make a turducken
CheeseMcGee (author)  hitnrun1 year ago
Oh man, you just gave me a new idea... Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turducken!!!!!
dwalling11 year ago
I can attest - this was one tasty bird!