Step 7: Fry Brioche and Caramelize

Fry the brioche soldiers in butter. The original recipe calls for clarified butter, but we decided it would look more toasty if it was more browned. Once you've done all sides, set aside on a kitchen towel. Then clean the frypan, turn up the heat, and put a layer of caster sugar in the pan. Melt it, then coat the soldiers in the caramelized sugar. Set aside on a silicone tray, wash the frypan, and do another batch. We did about 8-10 at a time.
I cannot help fancying it...haha
Oops! Fixed, thanks!
Part of a perfect balanced... desert?
i love you.
@Makendo; Hi! I couldn't not read this. Excellent details and pics. Love the melting sugar in a pan - my mother used to say cooking was the most advanced form of chemistry. I've sent the link to a) my cooking loving, and b) my bacon loving friends and also tweeted it. Did you know that you can now get bacon-flavored dental floss? Cheers! : ) Site
Oh my goodness. Yes.
MMM...What about adding a delicious pavlova recipe to use up all those excess egg whites and make it a really memorable party.
Good idea... pavlova is on the menu tonight. 24 egg whites should mean a pretty darn big one...
mmm look like apetitno
Yes. Oh yes. Thank you. <br />Yes.<br />

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