Bacon candle (a.k.a., the Man-dle)

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Step 2: Simmer grease

Picture of Simmer grease
Once the bacon has given up the bulk of its greasy goodness, remove bacon and pour grease into a small sauce pan.  Simmer grease on low heat until it stops steaming.  This will drive the water from the fat and allow for a better burn.  This can take several hours, so be patient. 

Essentially, we are rendering the bacon fat and creating tallow (beef) or lard (pork).

Two noteworthy points.
  • If you cook too fast, the grease will burn; it will still work in our Man-dle, but it may smell "off".
  • If you stop too early, it will still work, but the Man-dle may smoke and sputter a bit more than normal.
Do you see what happened there.  Even if you aren't patient and don't follow the directions, the Man-dle will still work perfectly fine!  Can this be any more Manly?  Nope!
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