Step 4: Filter Oil

Picture of Filter Oil
This step is optional, but it makes for a cleaner looking candle and reduces sputtering and smoking from the burning bacon bits. 

Once the grease is finished steaming, filter it through a fine sieve.  I used a paper towel and it worked perfectly. 

Wipe the saucepan out and put the oil back into the pan.  Return to heat.

We could use the now-rendered grease as is, but this would result in a Man-dle with a very low melting point; the entire thing would be completely liquid within 10 minutes of lighting.  Not ideal conditions for wick support!  Read on for an easy solution.

By the way, the paper towel that was used to filter the bacon grease makes the perfect manly sachet to put in your underwear drawer.  Just be careful walking near the Bark Park.