Step 5: Add bee's wax

Picture of Add bee's wax
To raise the melting temperature of the Man-dle, we add 1 part bee's wax for every 2 parts grease.  More wax will raise the melting point further, but I find this ratio sufficient.

To melt the wax, you can either add solid wax to the grease or you could pre-melt the wax in a jar placed in a pot of boiling water.  I chose the latter because my wax was in a Mason jar, and it was easier to melt the wax than to break off a hunk without breaking the jar. 
Either way, move on to next step while your wax is melting.

Insert inappropriate waxing joke here; the one I have in mind will insult a lot of metrosexuals and get my Instructable flagged! 
but u can post the clean version here tho. any thats not clean can be underscored like this ____________________ . an done