This instructable will show you how to make a bacon wrapped truducken for thanksgiving or whenever you feel the need to make one.

Step 1:

Ok lets get started, this is what you will need.

1. Turkey (biggest one you can buy, mine was 22lbs)
2. Chicken (biggest one you can get)
3. Duck (not in photo, did not want to cause cross contamination by having the raw birds touching, Also the duck is going to cost you more than the turkey so get ready to pay some $$)
4. Quail (I wanted to get all the birds I could in this)
6. Turkey oven bag (it will fit with some finessing, this is going to be a big bird when we are done)
7. Pan to hold the birds in
8. Oven
9. Large METAL coffee can (biggest you can get) to catch all of the bacon grease before you pull the birds out of the oven

I could have tried to get a goose and other birds, but I live in the U.S  (west coast) and those birds are not sold in my stores, you can get them sold/shipped to you online but that gets expensive. You can also google for a Ostrich if you want to go EpicMealtime on this instructable, once again that will cost you some major $$.
<p>Thanks for sharing... I am going to try this on weekend </p>
<p>let me know how it comes out... mine is still in the oven, cant wait to eat it </p>
It looks like java the hut in a bath tub
this isnt a true turducken, you need to debone the turkey and completely remove the bones from the rest of the birds, Otherwise this is awesome.
I mean I made it LAST year, lost track of time
THis is ridiculous. What a slab of meet lol
made it again this year :-)
It Tasted sooo good

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