Bacon/bluecheese macaroni salad a BBQ Side dish

Picture of Bacon/bluecheese macaroni salad a BBQ Side dish
A very tasty and easy to make macaroni salad to take to a barbeque or other gathering. Sorry for the lack of final pics, the salad was being picked up by my son in law as I finished it so he could store it in his extra fridge
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Step 1: Bacon and bleu cheese macaroni salad

Why? Okay I know not everyone likes bleu cheese and there are even people out there who don't eat bacon, I don't understand people that don't eat bacon (unless its a medical condition) but to each their own. This is one of MY favorite summer salads and it's easy to make and fairly inexpensive

Step 2: Lets go shopping

Picture of lets go shopping
Actually I really did go shopping at the store not just my pantry but here's what I used, of course you can change the ingredients to fit your families taste

 two 1lb boxes of tricolor pasta twists
 1 bottle of bleu cheese dressing
  1 package crumbled bleu cheese
  chopped onion
  1lb of cooked and crumbled bacon
   4 tablespoons bacon ambrosia

Step 3: For me eagle eyed followers

Picture of for me eagle eyed followers
those of you who have seen my other instructables may realize I have a new microwave. Okay so it's not NEW new, I found it while   it's supposed to be mounted over a stove.. maybe someday it'll get there....

Step 4: Boil boil roil and bubble

2 pounds of pasta needs a LOT of water, I used a 5qt pot, a good handful of kosher salt and garlic powder help give the pasta a little extra flavor. cook the pasta until its done to a point your family enjoys, in my case that's just a little beyond al'dente'

Step 5: BACON !

Picture of BACON !
cook and crumble1 pound of bacon, reserve 4 tablespoons of bacon ambrosia (drippings)

Step 6: Lets make it already !

Picture of lets make it already !
Ok so we have the pasta cooked and drained, the bacon is cooked and drained, half a large onion chopped (feel free to add celery, carrots or bell peppers) now lets crumble the bacon over the pasta, pour in a bottle of bleu cheese dressing, about a cup and a half of mayonnaise, the onion  and the reserved ambrosia and stir it up