Bacon/bluecheese macaroni salad a BBQ Side dish

Picture of Bacon/bluecheese macaroni salad a BBQ Side dish
A very tasty and easy to make macaroni salad to take to a barbeque or other gathering. Sorry for the lack of final pics, the salad was being picked up by my son in law as I finished it so he could store it in his extra fridge
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Step 1: Bacon and bleu cheese macaroni salad

Why? Okay I know not everyone likes bleu cheese and there are even people out there who don't eat bacon, I don't understand people that don't eat bacon (unless its a medical condition) but to each their own. This is one of MY favorite summer salads and it's easy to make and fairly inexpensive

Step 2: Lets go shopping

Picture of lets go shopping
Actually I really did go shopping at the store not just my pantry but here's what I used, of course you can change the ingredients to fit your families taste

 two 1lb boxes of tricolor pasta twists
 1 bottle of bleu cheese dressing
  1 package crumbled bleu cheese
  chopped onion
  1lb of cooked and crumbled bacon
   4 tablespoons bacon ambrosia

Step 3: For me eagle eyed followers

Picture of for me eagle eyed followers
those of you who have seen my other instructables may realize I have a new microwave. Okay so it's not NEW new, I found it while http://www.instructables.com/id/Mining-for-suburban-gold/   it's supposed to be mounted over a stove.. maybe someday it'll get there....

Step 4: Boil boil roil and bubble

2 pounds of pasta needs a LOT of water, I used a 5qt pot, a good handful of kosher salt and garlic powder help give the pasta a little extra flavor. cook the pasta until its done to a point your family enjoys, in my case that's just a little beyond al'dente'

Step 5: BACON !

Picture of BACON !
cook and crumble1 pound of bacon, reserve 4 tablespoons of bacon ambrosia (drippings)

Step 6: Lets make it already !

Picture of lets make it already !
Ok so we have the pasta cooked and drained, the bacon is cooked and drained, half a large onion chopped (feel free to add celery, carrots or bell peppers) now lets crumble the bacon over the pasta, pour in a bottle of bleu cheese dressing, about a cup and a half of mayonnaise, the onion  and the reserved ambrosia and stir it up

not bad.....

sadly, blue cheese dressing doesn't exist in my country....I use tartar sauce insteasd, & it's was pretty good

l8nite (author)  bastien.brenu17 days ago

Hi, I don't know why it took so long for me to get the notification of your comment. Thank you for letting me know you tried my recipe but I really consider them more of a guide to be adjusted to your tastes. Tartar sauce in the U.S. is usually a mayonnaise and sweet relish mix so I can see where that would work. Bleu cheese salad dressing is pretty easy to make, it can be as basic as buttermilk and bleu cheese, some people may add seasonings like salt or onion and garlic powder