Please bacon lovers dont hate me for this but... Do you know whats the only problem with bacon??? ( i know bacon is perfect). that is not portable and you have to wait to cook it before you eat it.
NOT anymore, i bring you Baconnaise the perfect spread that is ready to eat and you can put on anything and i mean anything and you can even make crunchy or creamy Baconnaise.

This is a simple and fast way to make Baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise) from scratch.

Step 1: What you are going to need

12 oz of oil
2 eggs
Juice of 1 lemon
A pack of delicious bacon
Food colorant 


<p>I feel full and fat just by looking at it. But heck, I'm gonna try it. Looks so delicious... I just hope that it doesn't become a habit :D</p>
Raw egg, and pure oil with a touch of citrus? This is.. disturbing. THIS is what MAYONNAISE IS?! This is... not appealing. Nothing against your recipe at all, I just had NO IDEA mayonnaise was raw eggs and a ton of oil, two things I would NEVER eat by themselves. I've been smearing raw egg and oil on my sandwiches all my life... I'm... disturbed. I'm sure this is DELICIOUS. I'm going to vote for you, just for opening my eyes as to the things I've been eating totally unaware. Kudo, kudos! I will be thinking twice next time I get out the mayo!
hahaha, thanks for the vote and yeah most people have no idea what mayonnaise is made of.
i thought everyone knew that mayo was eggs and oil <br>
hummmy lol

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