Bacteriophages are beastly viruses which are used to transmit information into a cell, and alter its production. They are commonly used as transmission mechanisms to treat bacterial infections, among other procedures. They also happen to have the head geometry of a regular icosohedron (the same as a D20 role playing die). So, why not make a holder worthy of the tact, and mystery of the game? This, along with wanting to take on a more complicated 3d printing project brought me to the bacteriophage d20 holder. I CAD'd it using Autodesk Inventor student, and printed it using my M3D-printer (not very high quality). It uses a number of parts, which fit together at the correct tolerances, in order to make a whole without support material.

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Step 1: Parts/Assembly

The STL files will be linked below, I will also attach a link to the Thingiverse page, when it is created. As you can see above, you will need 6 legs... I would not suggest printing these together. Fore the "hexcone", print it hexagonal face down. The base should be printed with the pin facing up. If there are any questions, or you would like the CAD, please post a comment below.

To assemble, simply snap the pieces into the respective holes. If they are the wrong tolerances, that is because they are fine tuned to my 3D printer. If you have one of higher quality, they may be a bit loose. I will be posting the CAD on the second model when I finish it. If the parts are too loose, you may simply add a bit of hot glue... if they are too tight, force them a bit.

Note: The scale of some files may be off by a factor of 10, in this case just increase by a factor of 10 in a slicing software like CURA. I will fix this in the next revision.

Step 2: Time to Build Your Own Creations!

3D printing is a rewarding venture. It may be tough at times, but being able to go from idea to concept in a few hours is truly liberating.

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