Bad Doggie Breath is also known as D.G.B. it affectes thousands of dogs each year, it may ffect some dogs you know. But luckily there is a cure, it is called BDBB-Gone. There are many ways on how to get get rid of bad doggie breath and i believe i know the bestways instead of wasting 10 bill$ on "doggie breath mints" that your dog will probbally end up choking on....

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following to do this instructable properly:

With a tooth brush
-Roomate/Spouse's toothbrush

With a tiolet
-Access to toilet water
-Dinner mints

Step 2: With a Toothbrush

Sneak into the bathroom and take your roomate/spouse's toothbrush and use it on your dog it is as simple as that.. dont forget to put it back..

Step 3: With a Toilet

This tactic is if your dog drinks toilet water alot. after you use the toilet flush. then throw some mints into the toilet water tank(not the bowl) so when you flush the minty water liguid will go into the tiolet bowl, and next time your dog goes to drink it he will have minty fresh breath.

Step 4: Hope This Helps!!

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What if your dog doesn't like having their mouth opened &amp; they bite; cause my dog<br>does that.
Dogs generally do not like to have their teeth brushed, but you can get chicken- or other-flavored toothpaste for dogs. My dogs love the flavor and so don't object to the brushing. You are not supposed to use human's toothpaste, because they will swallow it and it can make them sick. It's good to brush their teeth often-- prevents bad tooth and gum problems as well as bad breath. Just like us!
ah u know it's dangourous to let ur dog drink from ur toliet bowel because there are harmfull bactrail stuff in there like one of em is E-COLIE which can kill your dog within seconds u know like SERIOUSLY plus it where som things come out of our digestive tract ewww ti werid when u say ti
I'm not stalking you, but have you never seen a dog eat a turd?<br /> <br /> L<br />
nope but i didnt but i have seen a dog eatin a roiting sea gull
Yes, that would probably be full of harmful bacteria?<br /> <br /> L<br />
why not try breath mints there healthy and and they smell great
Never let my dog drink toilet water that's the pits, would you kiss your boyfriend after he used the brush that you used on the dog ??
ah u know tis not hollween no more
or you could close the lid like you're supposed to
Hehe "roomate's/spouse's toothbrush" Sure you keep one that way ;)
Or better yet, use the minty breath as an indicator to avoid getting dog kisses at that time. If the breath is minty, they've been in the head!

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