Step 9: And, We're Done.

So, that's how I made my "Bad Kitty' Scratch Post. Spot has never used it. Not even once. Whatever.

I made it at Techshop. That place is rad! There are 3 Techshops in the SF Bay Area. There's others popping up all over the US. Check it out.


Thanks for reading my Instructable!!!!
I made a scratching post for my two cats and they hated it. I think it was the smell of the new carpet and rope, etc. I sprinkled it with cat nip and now they fight over who gets to use it. Awesome ibble!
Cats can be jerks ;) <br>Honestly, it looks like a perfectly good scratching post. I have read that a cat likes to extend and stretch its front legs out to scratch, so I made a 3 foot scratching post with similar twine to yours, they dont touch it. They do scratch on the tattered cat tree with twine in the bedroom which is tall, but they also scratch our shortest livingroom chair on the rattan arm. And most puzzling of all, they LOVE an old 1 foot long piece of cardboard that we left on the floor. <br>Yup, cats are jerks. :)
The picture of the one you made is way better than the one from the shop. You should lead with that image!

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