Introduction: Bad Thoughts Super Blocker!

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More tinkering with Laser cut and etching with the Laser Cutter at Techshop!

Step 1: Having Bad Thoughts?

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One day I found myself having a few bad thoughts that I couldn't quite kick.. So I had an idea!

Step 2: Sketch

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I sketched up a Super Bad Thoughts Blocking super hero using Sketches for the iPad. An awesome program by the way!! A must have for digital sketching!

Step 3: Vector

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Then, I used another iPad app called Inkpad to create the vector outline. Another awesome must have iPad app!!

Step 4: Ready for Cutting

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I then imported the vector file into illustrator to ready it for the Laser Cutter at Techshop. I prepped the sketch for etching and the outline for cutting.

Step 5: Cape

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I cut the cape out of a .99 cent t-shirt I bought from Goodwill.

Step 6: Tada!

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I turned my thoughts from cloudy gray to a sunny day with my Bad Thoughts Super Blocker that I made at Techshop!!! :D


craftclarity (author)2014-05-22

Holy cow that is fantastic. I definitely need one of these.

soliseart (author)2014-05-05

LMAO! This is so funny, WoO effect included. I'm still laughing as I type. Everyone needs a Bad Thoughts Super Blocker!

clarebubble (author)2014-04-29

oh how sexy

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