Bad Idea Good Lesson





Introduction: Bad Idea Good Lesson

I Built this a few years ago I decided to run with the first design idea that came into my mind.

The problem is it’s just not a practical table.
Its too deep and it can’t really hold anything, I have a TV on it right now.
All the other stuff….. DVR, satellite box etc are just sitting in the open part of the table.

Lesson learned?
Next time I will pay a lot more attention to the scale.



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    It's sexy as all get out! Even if you made it shallower and shorter it would likely be rendered to large, cumbersome and usless by new multimedia technology. I forsee everyone wearing their own hd 3d wireless audio video systems in no time at all. You would henceforth be known as the fool with two beautiful useless entertainment systems!

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    I think you nailed it..

    I have a knack to build things that don't fit, don't make a lot of sense, but I just like making them.

    Nice glass (or acrylic) panes would be perfect shelves. Maybe even an amber clear coat to keep with the overall theme.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with making objects of beauty for the sake of beauty.


    4 years ago

    How about some type of square basket? Wicker or felt type? I think it would look incredible with a copper vase underneath or something like that and then place it in your foyer? Don't give up on such a wonderful table!!

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    Hi Sardis

    I think you are on to something, thats a good Idea.

    Thank you for the help.

    My wife likes to shop, now she has a good excuse :) I think the combination of wicker and copper would look great.

    Your inlays on the front edge are a wonderful detail. This table is better suited to display. Either add a shelf down below as others suggest, or showcase one or two larger items.

    if you made another one about 1/5 the scale so it fits inside this one, it might add to the look and character. (of course, add a shelf or two to the smaller one)

    Have you thought about maybe adding shelves that just slide in and follow the same contours as the sides, so that they are adjustable? Just a thought, it's a really nice piece.