Introduction: Badminton Shuttle Picker

Picture of Badminton Shuttle Picker

This simple tool is very easy to pick shuttle from the ground. Those players have bending problem can very well use this tool cum racket to pick the shuttle from the court

Step 1: Material

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We require TT ball, Scissor, Soldering iron (25 Watt), small wooden screw, Badminton Racket

Step 2: Center Hole

Picture of Center Hole

A hole ( 5 mm) is made on diameter of the TT ball with Hot soldering iron. The burr is removed by scissor.

Step 3: Petals

Picture of Petals

4 petals are cut by scissor from the hole already made. Then 2 petals are cut which are in parallel. So you have alternate petals as shown in the photo

Step 4: Bottom Hole

Picture of Bottom Hole

A hole at the bottom is made again by soldering iron (5 mm) to fix this ball on the end side of Badminton racket

Step 5: Fixing TT Ball

Picture of Fixing TT Ball

This ball is fixed on end of the racket, so that during play you can pick the shuttle through this balls petals jaws,

Since the ball is fixed at the end of the racket, it doesn't obstruct during play by racket


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